Mission and Goals


Mission Statement

The mission of the Dental Hygiene Program is to provide an engaging learning environment for the education of oral health professionals who will provide ethical and comprehensive dental hygiene care for the community. The Program will foster the maturation of technical, communication and critical thinking skills in the development of excellent clinicians, oral health educators and lifelong learners. The Program is designed to meet the need of the Community by maintaining a state of the art facility and a curriculum that supports the current standards of  dental hygiene practice.


Program Goals

Goal 1:  The Program will provide the students with engaging educational and clinical opportunities that promote entry level competency in dental hygiene practice.

Goal 2:  The Program will meet the needs of the community and the curriculum will reflect the current standards of dental hygiene practice.

Goal 3:  The Program will provide an accessible educational environment that encourages ethical practice, professional leadership, self assessment, effective communication, critical thinking and lifelong learning.

Goal 4:  The Program will participate in ongoing activities to maintain the standards of accreditation, at the highest level, with the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association


Statistics - Program Effectiveness Data
Annual Program Completion Rates    
Year Initial   Enrollment Number   of Graduates %   Completion    
2013 14 8 57%    
2014 14 8 57%    
2015 16        
Year # of Graduates # of graduates   passing the Florida Dental Hygiene   Clinical Exam first attempt First Attempt   Pass Rate National Dental   Hygiene Board Examination Pass rates First Attempt  
2014 8 6 75% 100%  
2013 8 7 87.50% 100%  
2012 9 7 77% 100%  
2011 9 9 100% 100%  
2010 6 5 83.30% 100%  
5 Year Average Job Placement Rate 
Year #   of Graduates  #   of Graduates who returned surveys. #   of Graduates who actively sought employement #   of Graduates who found employment %   of Graduates that actively sought and found employment.
2014 8 Currently   Awaiting Results Currently   Awaiting Results Currently   Awaiting Results Currently   Awaiting Results
2013 8     7  
2012 8     7  
2011 9     9  
2010 6     6  
5 Year Average Job Placement Rate 
Application   Statistics Application Total  
(Applications taken month of   January 2014)         Class of   2016         63  
(Applications   taken month of January 2013)           Class of 2015         47  
(Applications   taken month of January 2012)           Class of 2014         44  
(Applications   taken month of January 2011)           Class of 2013         57  
(Applications   taken month of January 2010)           Class of 2012         67  
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