Natural Science, Health and Wellness Course Syllabi

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Generic Syllabi are for information purposes only.  Please check with your Instructor for course specific syllabi. 


AST 1002



Biological Sciences
BSC 1005C BSC 1007C BSC 1007L BSC 1008  BSC 1421
BSC 2010C BSC 2010L BSC 2011C BSC 2011L  BSC 2031
BSC 2085C BSC 2085L BSC 2086C  BSC 2086 L  BSC 2419
BSC 2420C BSC 2426C BSC 2427C BSC 2435  BSC 2822C
BSC 2943C        


Chemical Sciences
CHM 1022C CHM 1025C CHM 1025L CHM 1032C CHM 1032L
CHM 1083C CHM 2045C CHM 2045L CHM 2046C CHM 2046L
CHM 2210C CHM 2210L CHM 2211C CHM 2211L  



GLY 2010 GLY 2100

Health, Leisure, Physical Education, & Wellness
HLP 1081 HSC 1100 HSC 1132 HSC 2200
LEI 1261 LEI 1263 PEL 1621 PEL 2121
PEM 1130 PEM 1171 PEM 2104 PEM 2251



Interdisciplinary Science
ISC 1004C ISC 1005C ISC 1141C ISC 1143


Microbiology, Meteorology, Oceanography & Marine Biology
MCB 2010C  MCB 2010L MET 1010 OCB 1000C OCE 1001

Physical Sciences
PHY 2048C PHY 2048L PHY 2049C
PHY 2049L PHY 2053C PHY 2053L
PHY 2054C PHY 2054L PSC 1121C

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