BSC 2010C - Fundamentals of Biology I (5)      

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Biology with Connect Plus

Author(s): Brooker
ISBN: 978-0-07-756022-5
Edition / Copyright: 9TH
Publisher: Mc Graw Hill
Book Type: Hardcover


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Course Description

Fundamentals of Biology I (5) (A.A.) Three hours lecture and 3 hours lab per week. Prerequisite: CHM 1025C with a grade of “C” or better or one year of high school preparatory chemistry. This course meets Area V requirements for the A.A./A.A.S./A.S. general education requirement. This course is the first portion of a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of biology, including molecular biology, cellular biology, genetics, cell respiration, and cell replication.  This course is intended for the science and science-related majors.

It is strongly recommended that students without recent coursework in biology take BSC 1007C.


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