CHM 2211C - Organic Chemistry II

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Organic Chemistry w/ Owl Pk
Author(s): Tro, Nivaldo J.
ISBN: 978-1-1119877-6-3 or 978-1-1114720-7-8
Edition / Copyright: 6th
Publisher: Pearson
Book Type: Hardcover 


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Course Description

(5) (A.A.) Three hours lecture, three hours lab per week. *(This course changed from a 4 credit hour class to a 5 credit hour class effective Fall 200610.) Prerequisite: CHM 2210C with a grade of "C" or better. This course meets the Area V requirement for the A.A./A.A.S./A.S. general education requirements.  This course includes a study of the structure, synthesis and reactions of phenols, aromatics, ketones, aldehydes, esters, amines, carbohydrates, and acid derivatives. It is designed to prepare science majors and preprofessional students for upper-division courses in the major field.


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