PSC 1121C - Physical Science (3)


 PSC1121C Physical Science book cover

Conceptual Physics - With Practicing Physics
Author(s): Hewitt, Paul G.
ISBN: 9780321568095
Edition / Copyright: 11TH
Publisher: Pearson

Book Type: Hardcover


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Course Description

(3)(A.A.)Four hours lecture/lab per week.  Prerequisite: MAT 0024 or equivalent. 
This course meets Area V requirements of the A.A./A.A.S./A.S. general education requirements.  This is a one semester course presenting selected topics from all branches of physics, including mechanics, heat, electricity and magnetism, and modern physics.  This course is presented primarily for non-science majors.  Note:  Students who have already earned credit in PSC 1121 may not earn credit in PSC 1121C.  Additional special fees are required.


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