TEAS Information Sessions

The TEAS Information Sessions will provide information about the TEAS and are NOT the available test dates.
For available test dates, go to the following link: How Do I Register for the TEAS

TEAS Information Sessions 2017 Schedule (registration is not required).

Location Date Day Time Building Room
LWR (map) 7/10/2017 Monday 5:30pm LWR-2 108
Bradenton (map) 7/18/207 Tuesday 12:00pm 29 106
Venice (map) 7/26/2017 Wednesday 12:00pm 800 841
LWR (map) 8/8/2017 Tuesday 12:00pm LWR-2 205
Bradenton (map) 8/14/2017 Monday 12:00pm 29 106
Venice (map) 8/23/2017 Wednesday 5:30pm 800 841
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