LPN-RN Transition Nursing Program

The LPN-RN Transition Nursing Program is specifically designed for the qualified Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who demonstrates current knowledge and skills so that advanced standing may be attained without unnecessary duplication of course content and experiences.

The next program begins in May 2018. Semesters are Summer 2018, Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 with graduation at the end of the Spring 2019 semester.  A minimum of 20 qualified applicants is required in order for this program to run.

Important Notice! *** TEAS exams must be completed two (2) weeks prior to the application deadline, unless otherwise noted.  If you took the TEAS exam at another institution, your TEAS transcripts must be received by SCF Admissions by the following deadline to be considered for the Summer 2018 Transition program.

TEAS deadline for the Summer 2018 Transition program is March 1, 2018.

Semester Application Period Students Notified
Summer 2018 February 1 - March 15, 2018 March 20, 2018


Program Application Requirements

A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 or better in the following prerequisite courses, and successful completion of the Nursing Entrance Exam (TEAS) are required to make an application to the Transition program.

The Associate in Science Degree, Nursing is a limited enrollment program. Completion of all of the academic courses required for the degree does not guarantee acceptance into the program.

Prerequisites - must be completed with minimum GPA of 3.00

Course Description

Semester Hours

BSC 2085C w/lab Anatomy & Physiology I with lab


BSC 2086C w/lab Anatomy & Physiology II with lab


ENC 1101 Written Communication I


Mathematics Any Area II, A.A. Mathematics course





General Academic Requirements

Students are strongly encouraged to complete as many as possible of the general academic requirements, listed below, prior to entry into the A.S. in Nursing Program to ease their academic load. An overall and cumulative GPA of 2.75 or better is required in prerequisite and additional general academic courses.

Course Description Semester Hours
ENC 1102 Written Communication II


Humanities Any Area IV, A.A. Humanities course


MCB 2010C w/lab Microbiology with lab


PSY 2012 Psychology


DEP 2004 Human Development: Life Span





Additional Transition Program Entrance Requirements

  • Current Florida license as a Practical Nurse
  • Working LPNs: a letter from your employer, on company letter head, indicating current employment as a LPN during the last 2 years, listing skills required of the job.  It is highly recommended that LPN applicants have work experience in acute or extended care medical/surgical inpatient settings.
  • Recent LPN school graduates: graduation from a Practical Nursing Program within 12 months of starting the transition nursing program (provide information on application).
  • An Official transcript from the Practical Nursing Program submitted directly to the SCF Educational Records.

Associate in Science Transition Nursing Program

A grade of ‘C’ or better is required for all coursework for the Nursing program

Course Description Semester Hours
NUR 2703C Nursing Transitions 10*
NUR 2731C Nursing Practice III 10
NUR 2732C Nursing Practice IV 10
NUR 2813 Nursing Seminar 2

Total Hours  


* NUR 2703C Nursing Transitions is taken in lieu of NUR 1023C Nursing Practice I and NUR 1730C Nursing Practice II.

** The LPN transition student is awarded an additional 10 credit hours upon successful completion of the Nursing program.

NOTE: Students will be contacted via their SCF student email account regarding nursing admission decisions. Qualified applicants who are not admitted to a specific semester will have the opportunity to submit a new application for another admission period.

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