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1.     Complete the Online Learning Self-Assessment below.  This test will give students important feedback that will let them know whether they are "prepared" to take an eLearning class.

Go to: Online Learning Self Assessment

2.     Determine if the computer that you are using meets the minimum hardware and software system requirements.  Plus, you must assess your computer competency: 

  • Computers are available on campus, but the availability of those computers may not meet an individual student's needs.
  • Students may be required to have access to particular software used in a course.

3.     Have both reliable access to the Internet and an email address that will be maintained for the duration of the course. While not required, a high-speed connection (cable or DSL) is recommended.  E-mail accounts must be able to accommodate file attachments. Use of the SCF email account is recommended.

4.     Have a back-up plan for technical emergencies. (Examples: hard drive crashes, loss of Internet connectivity, other computer malfunctions).

4.     E-mail the instructor prior to the first date of classes.

5.     Attend all required orientations and/or scheduled on-campus meetings.

6.     Access and become familiar with the course web site prior to the first date of classes. You can usually access the class one or two days prior to class starting.

7.     Read all of the course syllabus.  If you have any questions, be sure to contact your instructor with any concerns or issues you may have as early as possible.

8.   Complete and submit all course work by the scheduled deadlines.

9.   Adhere to statements regarding student misconduct outlined in official State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota publications including the Catalog and the Student handbook.

10.   Regularly check course web site for updates and messages.

11.   Keep the college and instructor apprised of all changes (name, address, e-mail, etc.).

12.   Arrange personal schedules to accommodate on-site experiences.

13.   Contact the SCF Disability Resource Center to determine any needed accomodations if they have a disability.


The Successful Distance Learning Studentby Wahlstrom, Williams, & Shea

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