Adjunct Instructor/Part-Time Employment Packet Instructions

NOTE:  The below items will be required when you meet with your adjunct hiring coordinator.  Print, check off each completed item and place this coversheet on top of all documents.

Applicant Name:___________________________________________                 Date: _________________________

ID#: ___________________________________________ (SCF will complete)

Check Off

Document Name


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SCF Application for Employment

Complete, print and sign the on-line application. (Adjunct Faculty)

Attach completed application to employment packet.

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Attach a copy of your resume to employment packet

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Unofficial copy of transcripts

Attach a copy of your unofficial transcript(s) to packet. Official transcripts must be received in 30 days.

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Official transcript(s) with your highest degree

Submit completed request form to university(s) to request your records.
Note: Official copy must be received within 30 days of 1st day of employment

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Employee Notification of Social Sec. Number Collection and Usage

Read and retain the information in this notification sheet.

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Personnel Information Master File

Complete, print and attach to employment packet

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Req. for Exemption of Personal Info

Complete and attach to employment packet

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I-9 Form – Employment Eligibility Verification

Print pages 1 & 2 and attach to this packet. You will be asked to provide documents that establish identity and employment authorization (see the list of acceptable documents on page 3).

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W-4 – Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

Print page 1, complete and attach with this packet. If needed, use the worksheets on pages 3 & 4.

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Oath of Loyalty

Print and submit with this packet. DO NOT sign until you are in the presence of SCF Notary Public.

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Authorization for Direct Deposit

Complete and sign the form. Attach a voided check and attach to employment packet.

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Florida Retirement System (FRS) Certification Form

Print, compete, sign and attach form to packet

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BENCOR 401(a) FICA Alt Pay Plan

Print, Sign and submit the FICA Alternative Plan Acknowledgement Form below with employment packet.

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Drug Free Campus Program

Read the Program and Appendix (a). Print, sign (in both places) and attach the  to employment packet.

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Rules and Procedures Receipt

Access/read the 8 Rules/Procedures below. Sign and attach the receipt to employment packet.
6HX14-2_55_Code of Ethical Behavior.pdf
6HX14_1_14_HR_Complaint Conflict Resolution.pdf

After reviewing the 8 rules/procedures above, print, sign and attach the acknowledgement form to your packet.

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The Americans With Disabilities Act

Once the American with Disabilities Act document has been reviewed, print, sign and attach verifying statement to this packet.

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Emergency College Closure Pay

Identity Theft Prevention Procedure

Department of Public Safety Emergency Guides

Equity Contact List

Campus Maps

Read and familiarize yourself with the informational hyperlinked documents:





This information is informational only, acknowledgement is not required.

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Volunteer & Employee Criminal History Waiver Agreement/Statement

You must print and complete 2 copies of this document to take with you to the Department of Public Safety for fingerprinting prior to your first day of work. Contact Department of Public Safety for office hours: Bradenton (941)408-1550 or Venice (941)408-1550 to schedule your appointment

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Release for Photograph/

Print, complete, sign and attach the release to employment packet.

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On-line Prohibited Harassment Training

When completed with the training, print, sign and attach the certificate of completion with this packet.

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Family Educational Rights and Privacy (FERPA) Training

You will receive a training invitation from our training platform, Bridge, with a link to this training. Once completed, please print your certificate and include it with this packet.

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Conflict of Interest Procedure

Once read/reviewed, please print, complete and attach to this packet


SCF to Complete

  • Reference Checks
  • Faculty Certification

Adjunct Coordinator signoff: Date:__________________

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