Miscellaneous Salary Schedule




A. Accompanist $20 - $30 per hour
B. Choreographer Up to $1000/ per production
C. Guest Conductor / Clinician / Recitalist / Visiting Artist  
  Category "A" - Local Venue Experience * Up to $199
  Category "B" - Statewide / Regional Venue Experience * $200 - $499
  Category "C" - National / International Venue Experience * $500 - $4500

*Category placement will be based on a review of several professional factors such as academic affiliation, format of performance, degree of technical difficulty of the performance, critic reviews, geographic venues and reputation of individual(s). The Department will recommend the category and it will be approved by the appropriate Dean, Instructional Services, as defined in category definitions.


D. Theater Prod. Director, Actor - Standard Production Up to $1675
  Theater Prod. Director, Actor - Major Production Up to $2000
E. Guest Speaker, Science Speaker Series $75.00
F. Models $16.00 per hour
G. Reader, Scribe for disabled students $7.25 per hour
H. Reader, Scribe for disabled faculty $11.74 per hour
I. Sports Camp Director (based on experience & size of camp) $300 - $500/camp
J Sports Camp Assistant Director $250 - $500 / camp
K. Sports Camp Assistant $50 - $200 / camp

Salary will be based on the experience in the field of the individual. The Department will recommend the salary and it will be approved by the appropriate Sports Camp Director.


L. Interim Coach Up to $100 / day
M. Interim Trainer Up to $150 / day
N. Wellness Trainer $25 - $50 per hour
O. Test Administrators / Proctors: $25 - $50 per hour
  Test Administrator - $75.00 (under 3 hours) Proctor - $50.00 (under 3 hours)
  Test Administrator - $100.00 (over 3 hours) Proctor - $75.00 (over 3 hours)
P. DRC Accommodation Specialist $8.25 - $11.25 per hour
Q. CROP Site Coordinators $525.00 per semester
R. Licensed Dental Professional (must be currently licensed in the State of Florida) $40.00 per hour
 Also see Non-Credit Salary Schedule for additional compensations. 




  Advisor - Brain Bowl $3700.00
  Advisor - Honors PTK Club - Bradenton Campus $2000.00
  Advisor - Honors PTK Club - Venice Campus $2000.00
  Advisor - Math Olympics - Bradenron Campus (spring only) $1000.00
  Advisor - Math Olympics - Vencie Campus (spring only) $1000.00
  Advisor - Phi Beta Lambda - Bradenton Campus $2000.00
  Advisor - Phi Beta Lambda - Venice Campus $2000.00
  Assistant Coach - Baseball $8500.00
  Assistant Coach - Basketball $7500.00
  Assistant Coach - Softball $8000.00
  Assistant Coach - Tennis $6000.00
  Assistant Coach - Volleyball $6000.00
  Chair - Department $9000.00
  Clinical Instructor: Radiography/Respiratory Care  
  - Class I (per semester) 1 - 5 students $300.00
  - Class II (per semester) 6 or more students $450.00
  Coach - Baseball $13,000.00
  Coach - Tennis $9000.00
  Coach - Volleyball $9000.00
  Coordinator, Nursing - Venice Campus $2000.00
  PERT Update Initiatives $2000 - $3000
  Director, EPI $7275.00
  Director - Choral Ensembles $2000.00
  Director - College Orchestra $1000.00
  Director - Guitar Ensemble $1000.00
  Director - Studio Jazz Band $1000.00
  Director - Symphonic Wind Ensemble $1000.00
  eLearning Mentor, Bradenton Campus $3700.00
  eLearning Mentor, Venice Campus $3700.00
  Faculty-Adjunct Training Coordinator $2000.00
  Faculty-Professional Development Chair $2000.00
  Faculty Senate - President $2000.00
  Faculty Senate - Officer $400.00
  Manager - Auditorium $4500.00
  Music Production Director $2000 per production
  Theater Designer $2000 per production
  Theater Director $2000 per production
  Scorekeepers, Clock (basketball), Scoreboard, Ticket Takers $25.00 per contest
B. Program Manager Schedule  
  Program Manager A -  $2000.00 Program Manager B  -  $3700.00
  Art & Photography, AA Early Childhood, AS
  Bio Technology, AS Graphic Design Technology, AS
  Business, AS Paralegal, AS
  Computer Science, AS  
  Criminal Justice Technology, AS  
  Film, AA  
  Fire Science Technology, AS  
  Multimedia & Telecommunications, AS  
  Music, AA  
  Theater, AA  



A. For the purposes of employment at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, students are placed in one of three categories:

(1) Federal Work Study - Student seeking an AAS, AS or AA degree or a certificate at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, taking a minimum of 6 load hours, meeting Federal Financial Aid requirements.

(2) Student Assistants - Student seeking an AAS, AS or AA degree or a certificate at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota and taking a minimum of 6 load hours. Employment/placement at SCF is through the Career Resource Center.

(3) Peer Advisor Assistants - Student seeking an AAS, AS or AA degree or a certificate at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota and taking a minumum of 6 load hours. Emplyment/placement at SCF is through the Career Resource Center.

B. Students in categories in 3A(1), and (2) above will be paid $7.75 per hour. Students in category 3A (3) will be paid $8.25 per hour.



A. TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES:  Most Temporary employees will be hired through the contracted vendor/vendors of the College. Normally, individuals hired to work at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota on a temporary basis will be paid at the beginning salary rate for the employee position to which they are assigned.

Retired, former employees of State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, hired on a temporary basis, may be paid based on the position to be filled and their past SCF experience and prior relative experience as determined by the Executive Director, Human Resources or designee.

B. TEMPORARY EMPLOYEES IN INTERIM POSITION: When the College determines that it requires an existing employee to fill an Interim Position which is at a higher level than the employee's current position, the College may pay a supplement which is normally 10% of the employee's current base pay, or the minimum rate for the range of said Interim Position, whichever is greater, based on the evaluation of the Executive Director, Human Resources, and subject to the approval of the area Vice President, the Vice President of Business and Administrative Services, and the President.


5. GRANT PERSONNEL: The College will adhere to established salary schedules, classification plans and hiring procedures when   appointing grant personnel.


6. OVERTIME AND COMPENSATORY TIME: The provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and its amendments govern all overtime and compensatory time considerations.


7. COMPLIANCE: The College complies with Section 1012.885 and 1012.886.  Florida Statute, in compensation to designated individuals by funding remuneration proportionately from authorized College operating revenue sources.


8. EMPLOYEMENT OF RETIREES: Re-emplyment of SCF retirees, or former employees that have taken a distribution and / or retirees of other Florida state agencies shall be employed subject to FRS regulations.



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