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Argos Reporting Tool

New Argos Login (PROD)
Argos Reporting for Production

New Argos Login (DEVX/BIWK)
Argos Reporting for Development

Types of Argos Users:

  • Report Viewer/Requestor: College community members that view existing or request new reports. This group has the ability to generate reports, save and distribute the data in a variety of useful formats. New report requests (Specifications) are submitted through the Help Desk System.
  • Report Writers:  Argos Report Writers have the ability to run reports as well as design and modify CSV reports and banded (fully formatted) reports. Writers will use pre-built Datablocks to build a variety of reports.
  • DataBlock Designers (Power Users):  Argos DataBlock Designers build the DataBlocks that Report Writers and Viewers utilize to get their data.

Training Guides:

Argos Report Writers Guide

Argos Report Viewers Guide





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