Internship Program Helps SCF Paralegal Students and Law Offices

(Bradenton, Fla., Sept. 4, 2015) – Students in the paralegal program at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota, have the opportunity to gain valuable experience by completing an internship with a private law firm or legal services organization.

SCF paralegal students complete courses in criminal law, contract law, tort law, civil and criminal procedure, family law, computer skills, and legal research and writing.

The internship requires students to work in a legal setting for 150 hours during the semester. They also complete assignments for their supervising instructor. Students locate their internship employers just as they would apply for a job. Law firms interested in hiring an intern should contact SCF to be added to the list of potential employers that is provided to paralegal students.

During the internship, the employer completes an evaluation form at the 75-hour and 150-hour point. The terms of employment, including pay and hours, are determined by the employer and intern.

Law firms interested in learning more about the SCF paralegal intern program should contact Whitney C. Glaser at or 345-3776. For more information about the Paralegal Program, visit

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