SCF Employees Receive FACC Honors and Leadership Roles

(Bradenton, Fla., Dec. 16, 2009) — Denise Steverson, marketing production coordinator, was recognized by the State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) District Board of Trustees at a December meeting for being named 2009 Florida Association of Community Colleges (FACC) Unsung Hero.

Steverson was recognized for her service as SCF’s FACC chapter events coordinator at the 60th Annual FACC Convention held in Orlando in November. As events coordinator, she launched new activities including a “Day with the Rays,” the holiday costume party and a luncheon fundraiser for student scholarships at The Crow’s Nest in Venice, Fla.

“Dee Steverson is a true example of the collegial spirit that is so important to FACC. She utilizes her organizational skills and creative talents to engage SCF faculty and staff in our SCF chapter’s ever-growing social and community service projects,” said Bradley Davis, associate vice president of program and compliance and SCF’s FACC chapter president. “Whether she is raising funds for student scholarships or bringing donations for our local community project, she is a role model for us all and an ideal recipient for the Unsung Hero Award.”

SCF faculty and staff were selected at the convention for new leadership roles in FACC. SCF Adjunct Coordinator and FACC Region IV director Mary DiTaranto was elected as FACC vice president-elect for regions and chapters and Jeff Laborda, assistant professor, natural sciences, became Region IV representative for FACC Faculty Commission.

Harner, Steverson, Hafner

Board Chairman Steve Harner, SCF Marketing Production Coordinator Denise
Steverson, SCF President Dr. Lars A. Hafner

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