Studio 84 Productions Recognized by FCCAA for "A Christmas Carol" Production

(Bradenton, Fla., Feb. 4, 2010) — State College of Florida Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) Studio 84 Productions received an excellent ranking and was recognized for an Innovation Award by the Florida Community College Activities Association (FCCAA) for its performance of “A Christmas Carol” in December.

Written by Jack Babb, artistic director of Vienna’s International Theatre, and Dean Anthony, SCF fine and performing arts instructor, the play is an adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” set in a hurricane shelter.

The play surrounds the main character, Mr. Collins, who seeks refuge from the storm in a shelter filled with people he fired just weeks before Christmas. His plan to hide from them goes awry when two dozen disgruntled former employees discover him. Instead of seeking revenge, the townspeople give Mr. Collins an opportunity for redemption as they begin reading and performing “A Christmas Carol.”

Cast members were Olivia Abbacchi, Rachael Bayor, Jeff Beghtel, Adam Condor, Nicholas DeLisi, Emma Devine, Joshua Devine, Quace Francis, Maylin Garcia, Hunter Green, Alexandra (Lexi) Hafner, Marina Kaminskiy, Daniel Levesque,Tim Lim, Michael Mejia, Brittany Miller, Janet Raines, Megan Sicks and Grace Vitale.

“Taking a classic like ‘A Christmas Carol’ and writing a modern adaptation is risky at the very least. However, bringing it into the contemporary environment of modern day Florida during a hurricane alert is an excellent way for audiences and young actors to relate to the universals contained in an ‘old script,’” the review stated.

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