Safety Drill to be Conducted at SCF Bradenton on May 26

(Bradenton, Fla., May 19, 2010) — As part of our college's incident response and disaster preparedness programs, SCF Bradenton has been selected as the site of a Shelter-in-Place/Lockdown and Evacuation Drill that will be conducted Wednesday, May 26.

The drill is a coordinated, supervised drill (not a simulated exercise) designed to test our College's emergency notification systems, including speakers, and the critical functional responsibilities of our faculty and staff. The drill will include ALL buildings, departments and classrooms, including students, faculty, staff and visitors -- everybody on campus at the time of the drill. Local law enforcement agencies and emergency response agencies have been invited to participate as monitors.

The May 26 drill will provide the College and local law enforcement officials with an opportunity to evaluate our current emergency operation plan for responding to an emergency on our Bradenton campus. A similar drill was conducted at SCF Venice last year.

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