SCF Collegiate School Administrative Transition Announced

(Bradenton, Fla. Nov. 1, 2010) — State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) President Dr. Lars A. Hafner announced a transition in the SCF Collegiate School (SCFCS) administration with Kelly Monod succeeding Linda Benware as Head of School, effective Nov. 23.

Hafner recognized Benware’s commitment to ensuring a smooth start of the innovative school, a tuition-free public charter school. SCF is the first college in the nation to operate sixth and seventh grades on a college campus. In subsequent years SCFCS will offer sixth through 12th grades and offers a tuition-free pathway from middle school through baccalaureate degree.

“I personally appreciate Ms. Benware’s professionalism and leadership in establishing a solid foundation for SCFCS and wish her well as she reenters retirement,” Hafner said.

Saying that she regretted the necessity for the decision, Benware cited personal and family issues that require her concentrated attention.

“I appreciated the opportunity to start SCFCS and have enjoyed getting to know the students, parents and teachers,” said Benware.

Hafner said, “This transition is taking place a little sooner than planned, but we knew that Ms. Benware’s commitment was to start the school, and in Ms. Monod we are fortunate to have a highly qualified successor whose superior leadership abilities and qualifications for future advancement were recognized and discussed when she was hired.”

Monod has two master’s degrees, including a degree in international relations from the University of Geneva Graduate Institute of International Studies, and a bachelor’s degree from prestigious Mount Holyoke College. She has taught internationally and at State College of Florida and is highly skilled in the use of academic software and computers for the purpose of digital learning.

“Ms. Monod brings a wealth of innovative vision to her role,” said Hafner, noting that Monod’s educational and multinational experience, technological abilities, and interest in empowering students to pursue their individual paths make her the ideal person to take the reins of the unique and forward-thinking SCF Collegiate School with its emphasis on preparing students to be global citizens.

Monod enthusiastically described the new opportunity as a job she has pictured since the start of her career in education.

“The vision of SCF Collegiate School excited me from the beginning, and my passion for integrating international education with my life experiences has grown as I have gotten to know the students,” Monod said.

Monod said that SCF Collegiate School has a strong platform and an outstanding teaching and support staff.

“The foundation and support are here and I’m ready to embrace new expansion opportunities,” Monod said, adding that she is committed to keeping open the connection between the classroom and administration. She will continue a hands-on administrative approach with student initiatives including remaining involved with the Global Citizen Club, a voluntary student organization that she founded at SCF Collegiate School with the theme of learning, reflecting, addressing and participating in international issues.

“Everything in my background has prepared me for this, and Mount Holyoke in particular did a terrific job in empowering me to use critical thinking skills and make independent decisions,” Monod said.

“We want our students to be infused with that same empowerment so they can chart their own paths and be able to navigate anywhere in the world they choose to go. Our students won’t need somebody else’s road map; they can create their own. That’s the power of education that we are instilling in our students at SCF Collegiate School,” said Monod.

Monod, a native of Sarasota, lives in Manatee County with her husband and two young sons.

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Kelly Monod
Kelly Monod

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