SCF Celebrates Successful Employee Campaign

(Bradenton, Fla., May 5, 2011) — The State College of Florida Foundation Inc. recognized college employee donors at a campaign celebration held on April 18.

A total of 386 donors participated in the campaign, raising $72,798. Eighty-seven employees became first-time donors and 88 previous donors increased their giving from last year.

The 2011 SCF Foundation employee campaign chair was Gary Russell, SCF associate vice president of academic quality and success. Other chairs included Daisy Vulovich, LWR campus chair; Betty Morris, adjunct chair; Ted Camp, retiree chair; Jaquie McNeal, SCF Bradenton chair; and Darlene Wedler-Johnson, SCF Venice chair.

Campaign committee members from The SCF Foundation were Peg Lowery, executive director; Ann Roggero, director of development, Venice; and Roland Emerton, director of development, Bradenton.

Other campaign committee members were: Dean Anthony, Karen Armstrong, Melissa Bell, Anastasia Bojanowski, Beverly Brown, Stephanie Cook, Diane Craig, George Cubberly, Daysi Delgado, Jane Dickerson, Sue Garland, Kim Ghiselin, Beth Gonyea, Meg Hawkins, Dianne Hessler, Cindy Hunter, Kevin Kennedy, Wanda Kenney, Dr. Hyun Kim, Cali Korman, Jennifer Lahurd, Timothy Langenback, Molly Pavon, Pat Ramirez, Dr. Felix Rizk, Michael Rogers, Doug Scott, Tracey-Ann Smith, Delane Solana, Karyn Washington, Anita Weaver, Judy Wishart, Dr. Ting Fang-Zheng, and Wanda Zimmerman.

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