DOE Gives SCF Collegiate School an A Grade

(Bradenton, Fla. June 30, 2011) - State College of Florida Collegiate School scored an “A” on its first report card from the Florida Department of Education (DOE) according to the 2011 Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test School Grades released today.

Schools are awarded points based on how they performed on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) and the percent of students who made learning gains in reading and mathematics.

“Being recognized as an ‘A’ school after our first year is extremely rewarding,” said State College of Florida President Dr. Lars A. Hafner. “We knew we were in a strong position after we substantially outperformed both the state and district on the FCAT. With this new report showing that our students—who came to us from public and home schools throughout Manatee County--also made impressive gains in reading and math, the data supports the SCFCS model as an innovative concept to be studied and replicated.”

Kelly Monod, SCFCS head of school, pointed to gains made by more than half of the 25 percent lowest performing students. “We’re excited about all of our students’ progress but when even our students who came in at underperforming levels in reading and math were able to make significant gains, as an educator I view that as the most thrilling indication that we are teaching them to be independent learners.”

SCFCS is a tuition-free public charter school, located on the Bradenton campus of SCF, and is open to Manatee County residents. In its first year of 2010-11, the SCFCS student population of 132 students included 68 percent from first-generation families, meaning their parents do not have bachelor degrees; 38 percent who received free or reduced lunch; and 33 percent minority populations.

SCFCS students have the opportunity to graduate simultaneously with a high school diploma and Associate in Arts degree. The school started with sixth and seventh grades in August 2010 and will expand to include the eighth grade this August. In subsequent years it will include sixth through 12th grades.


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