Embracing Our Differences 2012 Selects Quotes from SCF Students and Employees

(Bradenton, Fla., March 29, 2012) — Quotations by State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) students and employees will be featured by Embracing Our Differences 2012 in a display at the Sarasota Bayfront Park from Sunday, April 1 – Monday, May 28.

Five SCF students and employees were among 39 winners selected. More than 4,502 entries were submitted by individuals in 53 countries and 40 states. 

Original art will be matched with quotations by the following SCF students and employees for the display:

  • “If you focus on only one color, how could you see the rainbow?” – Devonte Petrie, SCF student (Link to quote gallery.)
  • “Stop judging….Notice skin color, hear accents, acknowledge the differences; THEN, ask questions and be open to learning about others!” – Gloria Tracy, SCF employment/equity manager (Link to quote gallery.)
  • “It's when we begin to explore our differences that we find all the things we have in common.” – Alicia Long, SCF librarian (Link to quote gallery.)
  • “If I change my name, my clothes, my address, or my accent, would your opinion of me change?” – Lesa Dailey, SCF library assistant (Link to quote gallery.)
  • “Life is not ‘one size fits all.’ Don't let the fear of others squeeze you into a smaller-sized life.” –Leah Nusman, SCF office assistant, educational records (Link to quote gallery.)
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