SCF Collegiate School Graduates Earn Bright Futures Scholarships

(Bradenton, Fla., July 22, 2015) – More than half of the graduates in the Class of 2015 at the State College of Florida Collegiate School (SCFCS) earned Bright Futures scholarships to continue their educations.

Scholarships were offered to 26 out of 50 graduates; 14 earned the Florida Academic Scholars (FAS) award, the highest level of achievement, and 12 earned the Florida Medallion Scholarship (FMS), the second-highest level.

For the FAS, students must earn a score of 1,290 on the SAT, a standardized test used for college admissions. That score corresponds to the 89th SAT percentile rank. For the FMS, students must earn an SAT score of 1,170, which corresponds to the 75th SAT percentile rank. In other words, SCFCS’s scholarship recipients tested at the same level or higher on the SAT as at least 75 percent of their high school peers across the United States.

Most of the students also qualified through a composite ACT score: 29 for the FAS (the 93rd percentile rank) and 26 for the FMS (the 83rd percentile rank). The ACT is the other common test for high school achievement and college readiness.

SCFCS is both a department of the College and a tuition-free public charter sponsored by the Manatee County School District. Collegiate School graduates can attain a high school diploma and an Associate in Arts Degree from State College of Florida concurrently upon graduation.

The Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program awards three lottery-funded scholarships to Florida high school graduates to reward high academic achievement. In addition to the FAS and FMS awards, Bright Futures also awards a vocational scholarship to fund career education or certificate programs. Since it was created by the Legislature in 1997, Bright Futures has helped more than 660,000 Florida students pursue post-secondary educational and career goals.

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