SCF Celebrates Summer Bridge Program Success

(Bradenton, Fla., August 10, 2015) — State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) recognized 18 students who completed the 2015 Summer Bridge Program at a special ceremony.

The Summer Bridge Program, which assists recent high school graduates in getting a jump start on their college educations, is led by SCF Program Director Kristen L. Anderson and SCF College Reach-Out Program (CROP) retention specialist Yessica Tapia.

Students received college scholarships covering tuition, books, school supplies and lunches, and completed up to six college credits by taking courses including student life skills, psychology and reading.

At the ceremony, Anderson commended the students for their success.

“In just six weeks we have seen you work hard, grow and transform from high school seniors to successful college students. We hope that you are leaving the program with a good foundation and that you will be stronger going forward into your college career,” said Anderson. “We are very proud of you and encourage you to continue to bring your ‘A game’ into the fall semester.”

Recognized at the celebration for their roles helping to make the Summer Bridge Program a success were Adjunct Instructor Heidi Schroeder, Academic Student Success Advisor Monique Harrison and Professor Gladys Green. Dr. Donald Bowman, vice president of student affairs, also attended the ceremony, which was held in the Family Heritage House at SCF Bradenton.

Graduates of the 2014 Summer Bridge program and current SCF students Denisha Joseph, Sofia Paschero and Zabdi Saint-Cyr, now with a year of college classes now under their belts, offered advice to this year’s class.  

“Be the one who sits up front in class,” offered Paschero, who plans to pursue a career in psychology. “Make a good impression on your professor, because you never know when you will need their help,” she added, noting that this strategy helped her when applying for scholarships as she was able to get a heart-felt recommendation from one of her SCF instructors.

Stressing the importance of time management, Saint-Cyr, whose goal is to become an anesthesiologist, said, “The harder you work, the easier and better the transition will be in the fall. Go hard!”

All of the students who completed the program are planning to attend college this fall, with 13 enrolled at SCF. According to Dr. Bowman, those attending SCF will be brought back together after the first month of classes to see how the students are faring.

“We also want you to give us some advice as to how to help you go forward and be successful,” he said.

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