SCF Collegiate School Students Win $20,000 Scholarships

(Bradenton, Fla., Jan. 10, 2016) — Two State College of Florida Collegiate School (SCFCS) students each won a $20,000 scholarship in a nationwide competition on financial literacy. The two students place in the top five among more than 70,000 students competing for the H&R Block scholarships.

Alexa Brutus and Mark “Trey” Hawkins, both are 9th grade students in Deane Western’s economics/finance class. The pair took top honors in the 10-week intensive financial challenge. H&R Block gave away just five scholarships this Fall as a result of its budget challenge. The H&R Block Budget Challenge is designed to teach teenagers how to manage the financial life of an adult through a real-life simulation.

H&R Block will provide the scholarship money once the students are enrolled full-time in a four-year university. The money can be used for books, tuition and other student expenses.

Last year five students from the Collegiate School won the financial literacy scholarships over two semesters. This semester H&R Block limited the number of potential winners to five in the country.

For more information, contact Deane Western at or 941-752-5494.

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