SCF, Manatee-Sarasota Biotech Students Mentored in Environmental Sciences

(Bradenton, Fla., March 23, 2017) — Biotechnology students from State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) had the opportunity to learn from environmental analysts and scientists at the fall meeting of the Florida Society of Environmental Analysts (FSEA) in Jupiter, Fla. The experience, which included a student mentoring program, was so enriching and inspirational, SCF’s department of natural sciences is hoping to send students to the Spring conference scheduled for May 10-12 in Clearwater, Fla.

The mission of FSEA is to maintain a high level of technical excellence in collection, analysis and interpretation of environmental data. The nonprofit group also promotes professionalism, guidelines for education and training, standards of excellence in quality control and a code of ethics.

Lovie Hudson, the FSEA student mentoring committee chair, invited students from SCF to participate in the conference. Two SCF students, Michael Grandalski, an SCF alumnus, and Jessica Dobbs, a current student, presented their work in the Small World Initiative during the conference. SCF students Renata Janowicz and Julianne Metcalf also attended the conference. Eric Warrick, an assistant professor at SCF in the department of natural sciences, joined the students.

Hudson said the students who attend the conference are recommended by the school because they are motivated and doing exemplary work. The members want to mentor those students and connect them with the people hiring in their field. The invitation covers the students’ conference fees, travel, food and hotel room. Hudson said she was particularly impressed with the group SCF sent.

“They were a wonderful group of students,” Hudson said. “It was the first time ever that a professor joined the students and became a member of FSEA.” 

Matt Thomas, the biotechnology program manager at SCF, said the conference was a wonderful opportunity for the students.

“The students who attended the FSEA meeting came back to class full of ideas and excitement over what they saw and took part in at the Jupiter meeting,” Thomas said. “I’m looking forward to future collaborations with FSEA and potential internship partners who belong to FSEA. Working with them will certainly bring to light opportunities our students and our community might not be aware of.”

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From left: Renata Janowicz, Julianne Metcalf, Jessica Dobbs and Michael Grandalski.

From left: Renata Janowicz, Julianne Metcalf, Jessica Dobbs and Michael Grandalski.

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