SCF Professor Joins Collaborative National Project

(Bradenton, Fla., April 27, 2017) — State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) Language and Literature professor Jeff Grieneisen was invited to participate as a visiting scholar in two programs at the University of Pennsylvania: The Modernist Social Network seminar series, and the Walt Whitman Bicentennial project, Walt Whitman: Singing “Myself” Together.  

Grieneisen presented a lecture on Ezra Pound’s contribution to the network of Modernist poets who met in Philadelphia before expatriating to London, Paris and other European cities in the early 20th century. Following the lecture, he led a discussion and analysis of “Canto XVII” from the epic poem “The Cantos of Ezra Pound.”

In addition, Grieneisen was filmed as part of a collaborative project discussing one of 52 sections of Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass.”  

Eric Alan Weinstein, project director and academic coordinator for the Unbinding Promethus Project at the University of Pennsylvania, joined Grieneisen, artist Susan Leshnoff and poet Jason Zuzga to offer readings and analysis of section 16 of Whitman's “Song of Myself” from his book “Leaves of Grass.” Weinstein also runs the Modernist Social Network Series, a free, open, interdisciplinary seminar series focused on the work of four major Modernist poets.

Unbinding Prometheus is an interdisciplinary arts and humanities public education project that works by fostering collaboration between scholars from different parts of the University of Pennsylvania and connecting them with visiting scholars from around the country and the world. The project’s first program was a multifaceted examination of Percy Shelley, whose epic work “Prometheus Unbound” inspired the project’s name.

The project aims to create a free, open-access digital humanities resource containing project audio and video, and a coffee table book. The book will contain the text of Song of Myself, historical photographs and photos of readings with poets and scholars, and the edited transcriptions of52 responses to each section of the poem. Book proceeds will support Walt Whitman’s Birthplace in Long Island, N.Y. and The Walt Whitman House in Camden, N.J.

For more information, contact Grieneisen at or 941-752-5474.

Jeff Grieneisen

Jeff Grieneisen

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