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Career & Technical Education Team
Associate Vice President, Corporate & Community Development/ CTE

Daisy Vulovich
SCF Lakewood Ranch
CIT Room 105

Daisy directs the division  the Corporate & Community Development and Career & Technical Education at SCF. This includes the broad array of professional and technical certificates, AS degrees and continuing workforce education and lifelong learning programs.  .
Director, Traffic Safety Institute
Allan Rogers
SCF Bradenton
Allan is the Director for the Traffic Safety Institute (TSI). He coordinates and oversees the DUI and Driver Improvement Programs. The main TSI office is located on the Bradenton campus, building 18.
Director, Workforce Solutions
Lee Kotwicki
SCF Lakewood Ranch
Lee is the Director for Workforce Solutions department. She oversees all contract training programs with outside companies.
Manager, Business and Student Engagement

Ian Jennings
SCF Bradenton 18-139

Ian manages business and student outreach in career and technical education. He conducts continuing and community education programs.

AS Recruiter/ Advisor
Jennifer Boris
SCF Lakewood Ranch CIT

Jennifer provides advising services for prospective and current students in career and technical programs.

Specialist, Career & Technical Education

Michele Redden
SCF Lakewood Ranch

Michele works in the processing of Credit for Experiential Learning (CEL), Linkage, and articulation agreement procedures for Career & Technical Education. She maintains departmental and grant budgets and assists in the planning and implementation of Career and Technical Education events.

Staff Assistant, Career & Technical Education/CCD

Linda Baxter


SCF Venice

Linda is our primary point of contact at the SCF Venice campus for CTE/CCD activities.  She is the staff assistant for Early Childhood Education, and provides support to students seeking information about the broad array of programs and services provided by the division..

Specialist, Communications & Clerical Support



SCF Lakewood Ranch-CIT 101

This position provides support to the Workforce Solutions team in addition to providing marketing support to all aspect of the division, acts as a liaison to Creative Services & Marketing; is the primary point of contact for the college's Training Opportunity Program, TOP; assists with instructor support and customer assistance, including registration support for the division, and provides support to CareerEdge Funders Collaborative, now located at SCF Lakewood Ranch.

Specialist, Class Fulfillment
Darek Houston
SCF Lakewood Ranch (M/W)
SCF Bradenton (T/R/F)

Darek provides all aspects of support for class/classroom preparation, instructor support, and customer assistance for Corporate & Community Development. He also assists with customized training with Workforce Solutions.

Specialist, Customer Support Service
Roresu Chandler
SCF Bradenton 18-139

Roresu handles all aspects of clerical support, registration of students for Corporate & Community Development, which include phone/fax/web registration support, registration processing and payment

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