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You Do Have a Book in You!
Writing Your Life Story

How many times have you said, "Boy, I could write a book!"?  Well, now's the time, jump-started by this 3-week intensive mini course! Quickly, you'll be deep into your story with Esther Gordon, author, journalist and editor, encouraging and guiding you from cover to cover.  Also on the agenda is how-to for short stories, memoirs, vignettes, editorials, humor, non-fiction poetry and avoiding writer's block.

Your life is a story only you can tell.  Published writer and editor Diane Robertson will help you to uncover the through line and the turning points in your life; how to show, rather than tell your story, and how to write realistic dialogue.  You'll also learn how to frame stories for journals, family chronicles or memoirs.  Bring a notebook and pen as there will be weekly writing exercises and hopefully, by session #5, participants will have a good start on their memoirs.
Expressive Writing for Wellness
Creating a Platform for Your Book

This course is for individuals who are dealing with loss, chronic illness, life altering conditions that include cancer, obesity and addictions. Writing out your issues is recognized by the AMA, psychologists and health care facilitators as a valuable asset to wellness.

If you’ve written/are writing a book, it’s important to connect with readers.  That may involve social media, ways to make your book visible to the public and how to draw your readers into your subject matter.
Writing Sensational Stories


Writing suggestions that will help you create a great story or improve something you've already written.

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