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CAT Adjuster Boot Camp (JEL)

In 5 days, JEL will take you from no knowledge of insurance claims adjusting to writing a professional insurance claim estimate PLUS you will receive a college certificate!

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Insurance Online

SCF offers online Insurance Pre-license, Insurance CE, Real Estate Pass/Prep, and more classes in conjunction with Online Training Institute (OLT).

OLT prides itself on the quality of its courses. Its development team works diligently to create courses that help the student retain information better than a classroom course or other online courses. OLT and it's instructors have a goal to educate, which pushes us to work with every student so that their learning experience is the best that it can be.

OLT also has technical staff available to assist students who have difficulties within the course. This means the student can call us when the first problem arises. OLT's students are never left behind.

To register for classes, or call (941) 752-5203. OnLine Training Institute
Prelicensure FLDFS (Provider #1055)

Online with open enrollment

RCSR 4.40 Course
2.15 LHA with Final Exam
2.20 P&C General Lines
20.44 Florida Personal Lines (52-hour)
4.40 to 2.20 Conversion
5.20/6.20 Accredited Claims Adjuster
Continuing Education FLDFS (Provider #1055)

Online with open enrollment

Health Insurance Element (14-hour)
Life Insurance Element (14-hour)
Hurricanes (2-hour)
Medicare Today (2-hour)
Ethics Insurance Industry (3-hour)  
Ethics and the Client (3-hour)
Flood NFIP (3-hour)  
Flood Insurance Concepts (3-hour) 
Health Savings Accounts (3-hour)
Senior Suitability Annuity & Life Trans
Wind Mitigation (2-hour)
Senior Suitability (3-hour)

Online with open enrollment

Life, Health and Variable Annuities Tutorial
RCSR 4.40 Pass/Prep (40-hour)
2.15 LHA Practice Exam Generator
2.15 LHA Practice Exam Generator Plus
2.15 Review LHA Pass/Prep
2.20 & 20.44 Practice Generator
2.20 P & C Pass/Prep Review
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