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Paralegal/Legal Assistant

PLA 2950 Certified Paralegal Examination Review (3) (A.S.) - $310.00

This course, taught by a Certified Paralegal, may be taken as either credit or non credit. It is fully web based and it is designed to bring students up to date on all phases of knowledge required to take the NALA Certified Paralegal/Legal Assistant Examination.  Emphasis is on all current areas tested.  The course is updated regularly and taught to prepare students for the NALA CP/CLA exam.  The course is open to all persons needing preparation in this field and to those interested in getting a general overview knowledge of the various disciplines in law. Mock exams will prepare students for taking the online certification exam.

  • Fall 2014 (CRN 10941) - Fully Web-Based
    Faculty: Joyce Mintzer, CP
    Class begins Oct 13th, 2014 and runs through until December 11, 2014

Required Textbook Information:

NALA CP Review Manual 4th ed. (October 2013) by Virginia Koerselman.

However, if you can obtain the third edition at a lower price, please do so. It is as follows:
NALA CP Review Manual third edition (October 2010) by Virginia Koerselman;
ISBN # 13:978-1-4180-3197-8

This course is 8-weeks long and fully on-line.

To enroll as a credit student, please contact Suzanne Bechtol, CP at

 For further information, contact or 941-752-5359
To register as a non credit student, call Roresu Chandler at 941-752-5669
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