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English Language Learning

From beginners to advanced learners, our goal is to help you learn the English speaking, reading, and writing skills you need for success!

SCF has two programs to meet your needs:

1. The next English for College beginner's class is starting soon. For information or to register:
Venice Classes start March 30th. Register now!
  • On the Venice Campus: Visit building 800, room 809. Call 408-1412.
  •  On the Bradenton Campus:  Visit building 18, room 139.  Call 752-5669.
2. The next English for Academic Purposes intermediate and advanced classes start in August on both the Bradenton and the Venice campuses. Apply now!
On the Bradenton Campus:  Call 752-5289.  Email
One the Venice Campus:  Call 408-1505.  Email 

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