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Adjunct Certification Training Program

Adjunct Certification Training Program at State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota

To prepare adjunct instructors to become successful college instructors by providing adjunct instructors with the tools, skills, and resources to become more effective educators in the classroom. Stipend:  $200

  • These courses can only be taken once and do not count towards maintenance stipend. 
  • These 6 courses must be completed in the Fall and Spring of a continuous academic year. 
  • While stipends are processed as soon as possible near the end of the semester, there is not a standard pay date.

The six courses required for Adjunct Certification are:

  1. Introduction to SCF Services
  2. Introduction to Instructional Technology Services
  3. Addressing Diversity in the Classroom
  4. Designing Effective Classroom Materials
  5. Designing Effective Evaluation and Assessment Tools
  6. Designing Effective Classroom Management Strategies 


Adjunct Maintenance Program

In addition, those who complete the certification program and are re-employed at the college the following academic year (Fall and Spring semesters only) can participate in the Maintenance program.  Stipend : If you teach 1 - 3 Classes - $100.00,  If you teach 4 - 5 Classes - $200.00

  • The Maintenance program is two (2) workshops per semester.  Example, an adjunct who has completed the Adjunct Certification Classes (see above) can attend two (2) maintenance workshops in any subsequent semester and will receive a stipend ($100 or $200 depending on the number of classes the adjunct is teaching that semester. See above.).
  • Workshops lasting 2 hours or longer count as 1 workshop. A workshop that lasts less than two hours equals 1/2 credit.  
  • Staff and Faculty Professional Development Days count as 1 Workshop. To receive a maintenance stipend, an adjunct will need to complete an additional workshop in the same semester
  • Adjunct must be teaching the same semester that they get maintenance credit.
  • Maintenance approved workshops and events are listed on Banner. Instructions on how to register for maintenance classes will be emailed to all adjuncts.
  • While stipends are processed as soon as possible near the end of the semester, there is not a standard pay date. 



If you have questions, contact the Faculty Professional Development Committee, Robyn L. Bell or Adjunct Coordinator, Mary DiTaranto.

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