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What Are Core Tools?

Core Tools are designed to help us enhance the service we provide in each of our areas.

We all know what good service is – and we all work hard to serve our College community. However, we're so busy that when things seem to work, we may prefer to follow the philosophy of "if it's not broken, why fix it?" We often forget to periodically reflect on what changes could be made resulting in services that would exceed the expectations of our constituents: our students, our community members, and each other as staff and faculty.

The Core Tools allow each work unit to articulate the processes and environmental conditions necessary to offer the best possible service to all our constituents.

Service Map: The Service Map allows members of a work unit to analyze a provided service using the perspective of the constituent who receives that service. A Service Map breaks down that service into specific stages that the "customer" experiences and helps identity those areas where it is possible to move beyond "satisfied" and create a "WOW" moment. 

Everything Speaks Checklist: The Everything Speaks Checklist allows a work unit to articulate specific aspects of the working environment and think about the message each detail conveys to those who receive services in that environment. It helps us to see our own familiar work spaces from the point of view of others.

Core Tools involve identifying the service or product, defining roles that each employee plays and behaviors and values needed to carry out roles, and developing and implementing goals and strategies to improve the delivery of the service/product provided.  

Other Core Tools

In addition to the Service Map and Everything Speaks Checklist, other Core Tools have been developed as part of the SCF Pride in Excellence initiative.

Pride in Excellence Mission Statement: Defines the true service that the organization provides to constituents. 

  •  We enrich lives by providing a welcoming and supportive learning community that fosters success.

Service Standards: Provide guidance on the behaviors need to deliver the service at an exceptional level.

  • Respectful
  • Responsive
  • Accurate
  • Collaborative
How? What do I do next?
  1. A Core Tool may be completed by an individual or a team.
  2. Choose an area to analyze.
  3. Analyze the conditions of the area and determine what would make it satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
  4. Check area for cleanliness, noise, organization, functionality, etc., and note the conditions that it should be even if it is not currently achievable.
  5. Detail what action is needed to make conditions change from satisfactory to unsatisfactory.  The team should assign responsibilities to person or persons to ensure that the checklist recommendations are implemented.
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