Student Services

Academic Accommodation Appeal Process

Registered DRC students are encouraged to work collaboratively with the Disability Resource Center staff to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations. Denied accommodation requests may be appealed by the student using the following process:

1)      The student is encouraged to resolve the matter informally by meeting with the Disability Resource Center Coordinator to discuss possible revision of approved accommodations. The Coordinator will review the disability documentation on file, interview the student, and render a decision in writing within 10 business days.

2)      If the student is not satisfied with the DRC Coordinator’s decision, the student has the option to put forth a written appeal within 10 business days. The Academic Accommodation Appeal Committee is comprised of the following representatives:
Associate Vice President, Student Services
State College of Florida 504 Coordinator for Disability
Consulting Psychologist

3)      The request for Academic Accommodation Appeal Committee review must be submitted in writing to the DRC Office. The DRC Coordinator will forward the student written request and disability documentation to the Committee. A written determination will be mailed to the student within 10 business days and a copy will be sent to the DRC Office for the student file.

4)   The decision of the Academic Accommodations Appeals Committee is final.

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