Student Services

Special Admissions: Nondegree-Seeking

A. Applicants are eligible who are at least 18 years of age and have declared nondegree-seeking status.

B. Most students are not limited to the number of credits that can be earned. However, first-time college admissions students (nondegree-seeking) are limited to only 12 credits without counselor/advisor approval. Upon attempting 12 credit hours, a nondegree student must take the FCELPT, ACT or SAT. Depending upon the score, a nondegree student must register and enroll the next term in appropriate college-level or college-prep courses in English, mathematics and reading until the college prep sequence is completed. In addition, no students will be admitted to courses designed for restricted programs. Prerequisites for courses will not be waived and placement test scores will be required for English, mathematics and reading courses.

C. High school and/or college transfer transcripts are not required.

D. The following limitations or exemptions may apply to this classification of admission: This type of student may not receive financial aid, veterans benefits, counseling/advisement or orientation.

E. If, at some time during this type of admission, a student wishes to become degree-seeking, all documentation required of a degree-seeking student must be sent to Educational Records at SCF. A Change of Major/Program/Degree form is required for students who intend to become degree-seeking after an initial nondegree-seeking status.

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