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What is Florida Virtual Campus?


Florida Virtual Campus is a free online advising website to help students plan and track their education progress from middle school through college. FLVC is a service of the State University System of Florida and the Florida College System.

Florida Virtual Campus establishes a secure connection to public colleges and universities in Florida to provide the most current information regarding your student records. Go to Florida Virtual Campus and select the area that you want to access. If the information you request is secure, you will be asked to login using your SCF student ID and password. The same secure information is also available on SCF Connect.

On Florida Virtual Campus you can:

  • Access college transcripts and gradesFLVC logo
  • Track your progress towards college graduation
  • Have your A.A. transcript evaluated for transfer
  • Evaluate high school progress
  • See high school course summary and grades
  • Complete interest inventories and other career assessments
  • Research careers, including the education level required
  • Search for colleges and programs
  • Apply online for admission to Florida institutions
  • Find and apply for financial aid
  • Use the Transient Form to make it easier take courses at other institutions and
  • Access advising manuals including the Common Prerequisite Manual, Statewide Articulation Manual, and the ICUF Articulation Manual.
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