Student Services


A student is considered on probation when the student has:

a) A term GPA or cumulative GPA that is below 2.0; and

b) Has received an academic warning classification and has not returned to good standing.

A student is informed of the probation classification at the end of the term and a code will be placed on the student's record. It is strongly recommended that the student see an advisor to initiate a contractual intervention strategy that would assist the student in meeting individualized educational goals. Such strategies may include but are not limited to:

a) Repeating all courses where the final grade of "D" or "F" has been earned, and all college preparatory courses that must also be taken; and/or

b) Enrolling in fewer courses in a given term; and/or

c) Limiting participation in nonacademic activities.

Probation status will be lifted when the student has attained good standing. If the student earns a 2.0 term GPA but the cumulative GPA remains below 2.0, the student will continue on academic probation for an additional term. Should the student fail to earn both a 2.0 term and cumulative GPA the following term, the student's status will be changed to academic suspension.


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