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State College of Florida Visa Clearance Form  

To:  All international applicants currently on F-1 Student Status and currently in the United States.

As part of the application process to transfer to State College of Florida, you must complete Section 1 and your current or previous school complete Section 2, to show you are currently or were in status with SEVIS and then submit the completed form to the Admissions, State College of Florida, 5840 26th Street West, Bradenton, FL 34207; OR Fax to: (941) 727-6024.


Section 1 - To Be Completed By Student:


I request and authorize my present International Student Advisor (or equivalent campus officer) to provide the information below as part of my application for admission to State College of Florida.

Signature                           SCF            G00#                 Expected SCF Entry Date                  Students Name:


Last Name                          First          Middle              Country of Citizenship


Present Address: __________________________________________________________
                                  Street and Apartment Number       City & State              Zip Code


Section 2:  To Be Completed By The International Student Advisor At Your Current School:


1.    Is this student on the F-1 or F-2 (circle one) status?
2.    I-94 Admission Number:  _____________________________
3.    Date of initial entry into the United States: __________________________
4.    Type of visa at entry: _______________________________
5.    What is the completion date in Section 5 of the current I-20? ________________
6.    For which term was the student last enrolled full time at your institution? _______
7.    To the best of your knowledge, is this student currently "in status" with INS? 
      Yes or No (please circle one) In no please explain: ___________________________
8.    Has the student ever been granted any kind of practical training: Yes or No (circle one)
       If yes, state kind and duration: ____________________________________________
9.   What is the SEVIS Release date from your school? _____________________
10.  Did the student complete his/her program by the listed Release Date? ________


I hereby certify the preceding information to be correct:

Signature of School Official                              Name, Title, and Date

Name and Address of Institution      City                     State               Zip Code




This form must be returned before final Action can be taken on your Application!

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