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SCF students are not just earning a degree at  State College of Florida. In many different ways, the College is preparing students for future employment. One of those ways is concerning e-mail. Please note: in most all cases, once a student graduates with a final degree, the employer will give the new employee a company e-mail address just to be used for company business and for nothing else. This address will not be permitted to be mixed with the employee's personal e-mail address. The employee must manage two separate e-mail accounts as most employed professional people have to do.   

If you are not already aware of this, EACH S.C.F. STUDENT HAS AN  S.C.F. STUDENT  E-MAIL ADDRESS to conduct business with the College, its different offices (including the Educational Records office), and its employees (including your different faculty each semester). The various offices at the College will contact students in the regular course of the business of the College. They may send important information or request information from the students. If for any reason a student defaults the SCF e-mail address to a personal e-mail address, there is a very good chance that messages the student sends will not be delivered to the persons intended to receive them; also, the student may not receive important class assignments or test information from any of their faculty, or receive important immigration information from the International Student Services Office.

Each student will have to adjust to this new responsibility, just as each of the employees at SCF have had to do, as well as employees at other places of employment.

For more information on SCF student e-mail accounts, please go to the SCF Home page at: and click on the SCF Connect button. This link gives all of the information a student needs to get started and maintain a student e-mail account.

Even if a student does not have a computer at home, all students may use the library computers on either campus to access their SCF student e-mail.


Change of Address?

The U.S. Government requires the current address at all times of every student here on any type of visa. Therefore, anyone on any type of Visa MUST IMMEDIATELY inform the International Student Services Office of every change of address. Download the Change of Address form from the Forms link on this Website and Fax, mail, e-mail, or hand-carry it to the International Student Services Office. 

 NEW REQUIREMENT:  F-1 Student Emergency Contact Information Form

Emergency Contact Information needs to be on file for every F-1 student.  This form may be downloaded from the Forms link on this Website and Faxed, mailed, e-mailed, or hand-carried to the Educational Records Office.


In all cases, any F-1 student who drops below 12 hours at any time during a semester without permission from this office will have a strong possibility of having their I-20 terminated.  If a student is debating on withdrawing from a class with an "F" grade, an "F" grade is better than a terminated I-20.

Any student with academic problems should go to their Faculty Member or to the Academic Resource Center (Building 5 on the Bradenton campus) for FREE TUTORING.  In some cases, students may withdraw from classes but only with permission from the Coordinator of Educational Records. The student should please contact the Advising Center or Educational Records Office with any questions or problems.

Reminder Concerning HOLDS on International Student Accounts

In August and in January, each F-1 International Student must provide to us proof of Health/Accident Insurance-by FAX, e-mail attachment, or in person. This form is available for downloading from our Website at: REQUIRED HEALTH AND ACCIDENT INSURANCE  If this is not complete there could be another type of hold put on your account.  This Health/Accident Insurance hold is not able to be lifted until proof of insurance and the above form are received by the International Student Services Office.  Please Note!  The SCF Health/Accident form must be completed each summer prior to the first day of Fall classes.

And, of course, any time there is an address change, change in degree, or any other change (e.g., name, visa status, updated documents), the Coordinator of International Student Services needs to know that.  Please provide a clear, legible copy of each document (by FAX, e-mail attachment, or we can make copies when you bring them in) for your file in the International Student Services Office.         (Note:  please provide copies of both sides of your I-94 card.)                                   

All F-1 Students need to be aware of immigration regulations and deadlines in order to maintain proper visa status with the U.S. Government. 

All F-1 Studnts must have on file in the International Student Services Office the following (download these from the Forms link): 

     1.  Proof of Health/Accident Insurance continuous coverage

     2.  Emergency Contact Information sheet

     3.  Signed copy of F-1 Student Responsibilities sheet 

FAX or mail these immediately to the International Student Services Office, or bring them with you when you come in for your personal copy of the important immigration information.

See the Coordinator of Educational Records with any questions or concerns you may have. You do not need an appointment. Check the Office Hours link on the International Student Welcome Page of this Website or call the Educational Records office.

Only original Credential Evaluations will be accepted by the SCF Educational Records Office. When ordering a Credential Evaluation, be sure to order two originals: one original for the College, and one original for yourself.  Copies will not be accepted. 



If there should be a hurricane evacuation recommended for this area, be sure to take with you Karen Armstong's e-mail address ( to report to her your location and safety. If you are unable to reach Ms. Armstrong, e-mail or call SEVIS at their toll-free (800) 961-5294 to report your location and contact information. Before any hurricanes come, check out our Web links on Hurricanes for helpful information and instructions you will need to know.


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