Student Services


Q: How do I get started?


1. Apply at and submit the following items to Educational Records:

    • FL Residency Affidavit

    • Official high school transcript or GED test scores

    • Official transcript(s) from each previously attended college and university

2. Test

  • Schedule a testing appointment or practice for a course placement test at

  • OR submit ACT or SAT scores, taken within the past two (2) years, to Educational Records.

3. Orientation/Registration

  • First time in college students must call to schedule a New Student Orientation.
    (SCF Bradenton 941.752.5238/SCF Venice 941.408.1400)

  • Transfer students must complete an online Transfer Orientation, accessible at

  • Returning students can register at

4. Pay

Q: What is the difference between an A.A. and A.S. degree?


• A.A. (Associate in Arts) is a general degree for transferring to a University. This is the most common path to a Bachelor’s degree.

• A.S. (Associate in Science) is for a specific career, however, because of the Gordon Rule math requirement, certain Universities will accept our AS degrees.

Q: What is the difference between a Gordon Rule math course and a Gordon Rule writing course?


 The term Gordon Rule really means “college level”.

Gordon Rule writing courses require students to write a minimum of 6,000 words per course. 
*(AA students are required to take 4 Gordon Rule writing courses, ENC 1101 and 1102 meet 2 of the 4 courses)

Gordon Rule math courses are any of the math courses listed under Area II on the AA Planning Guide.

Q: What is the difference between dropping a course and withdrawing from a course?

• A “drop” is done before the add/drop deadline each semester. (Click here for semester deadlines). You can drop courses through your SCF Connect account and you do receive a refund. It does not count as an attempt.
• A “withdrawal” is after the add/drop deadline.  You can withdraw from a course online through your SCF Connect account.  There is no refund. A withdrawal counts as one attempt in that course.


Q: If I earned a "C" in a course, may I retake it to get a higher grade?

No, per the college catalog, students may not replace grades of “C” or higher. (See catalog for further information.)

Q: What is the Grade Forgiveness Policy?

If you earned a "D" or "F" in a course, you can retake that course and only the last attempt will be included in your overall GPA.  Both grades will still appear on your transcripts.  (See catalog for further information.)
Note: If you are transferring to another University, you should contact that school to find out what their policy is on grade forgiveness.

Q: What is the Summer term like?

There are 3 sessions in the summer. A student can take a class in any or all of the sessions.

Summer A Summer B
1st 6 weeks of summer term last 6 weeks of summer term
Summer C
All 12 weeks of summer term
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