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Fine & Performing Arts Clubs

Art Club

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Joe Loccisano, 752-5225 or

Fine & Performing Arts Department


SCF Venice

Contact Advisor: Maria Spelleri, 408-1505 or

Language & Literature Department  

The Art Club offers opportunities for creative individuals interested in the visual arts to participate in art-related activities. These activities include art exhibitions, field trips to museums and art galleries, participation in art festivals, group critiques, demonstrations and discussions. It is not necessary to be an "art major" in order to be a member of the Art Club. Anyone with interest is encouraged to join.

Orchestra (MUN 1210)Orchestra

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Roryn Wilkes, 752-5579 or

Music Department

The chamber orchestra presents formal concerts on campus, performing a repertoire selected from the finest compositions in string literature. Both music majors and nonmajors are welcome to join. No audition is required.

Concert Choir (MUN 1340)Choir

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Melodie Dickerson, 752-5580 or

Fine and Performing Arts Department

This ensemble performs frequently, presenting choral repertories from all major historical style periods. The chamber choir and other small vocal groups are derived from the concert choir membership. Students interested in a performance choir experience of selected singers should contact the director of choral music for an interview/audition. As the concert choir is open to anyone, those interested in a smaller, more select groups should interview/audition for chamber choir.

Jazz Ensemble (MUN 1710)Jazz

SCF Bradenton

Contact Advisor: Mark Mannino 752-5590 or

Fine and Performing Arts Department

Studying the varoius styles, phrasing and concepts of the jazz idiom, this group's repertoire includes arrangements and compositions.


Delta Psi Omega  (TPP 1190 or TPP 2191)

SCF Bradenton Drama Club

Contact Advisor: Kenneth Erickson, 752-5586 or

Fine and Performing Arts Department

The State College Florida chapter of Delta Psi Omega, Cast #202, was established in 1966.  Membership is earned by participation in theatre productions throughout the season. Students are inducted into this national honorary fraternity at an awards banquet held each April

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