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SCF Wellness Program

A Lifelong Journey of Personal Health and Fitness Wellness Dancer

The SCF Wellness Program is designed for full- or part-time SCF students and is made up of a variety of activities from the seven dimensions of wellness: Physical, Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Occupational and Environmental

The program begins the first day of classes during the Fall and Spring semesters.strong>

How Does The Program Work?

Every activity is given a "wellpoint" value. Complete the activity and receive the wellpoints. Each semester, each participant must complete an application to participate and the Health Risk Appraisal described in the wellness brochure to begin the program. After completing the application, each participant can begin to accumulate wellpoints to be eligible for SCF gear and prizes.

Click here to view/print the wellness brochure for complete details on program requirements and eligible wellness activities;


View the online Calendar of Events for a listing of locations, dates and times of SCF wellness activities;  


Student Prizes

You must earn at least 400 Wellpoints (must complete at least 4 different types of activities) to qualify for SCF gear and prizes. The more points you have does not indicated the level of the prize. You can submit twice a semester. 


Once you have completed your activities and compiled your wellpoints, simply turn in your wellpoints tracking sheet (with requested documentation) to the SGA Club Hub, Bldg. 14-130, Rm 133 (Bradenton) or Bldg. 500, Rm. 526 (Venice). Wellpoint tracking sheets can be found here.

Off-Campus Activities:

Please staple documentation to your Wellpoints Tracking Sheet prior to turning it in (for example: invoice from annual physical, mammogram, etc.)

For additional information regarding off-campus Wellness Program activities, please read the Wellness Program Brochure and refer to the links and forms below:


Wellpoints may be obtained for aerobic exercise or weight training at an off-campus establishment, with appropriate documentation.  You may also choose to utilize the on-campus Weight Room, Bldg. 17 (gymnasium), 2nd floor on the Bradenton campus, for this activity. You must print and turn in an Exercise Log each week (by Tuesday of the following week) for six consecutive weeks, in order to obtain the Wellpoints. Notate the completion date of the six consecutive weeks of exercise on your Wellpoint Tracking Sheet (worth 300 Wellpoints!).

Wellpoints may be obtained for attending off-campus one-hour self-defense, tai chi, or yoga classes. You must print and turn in a Class Log for each week that you attend an off-campus class (worth 25 WellPoints for each one-hour class), by Tuesday of the following week. You do not need to fill out this form when you attend the free weekly self-defense, tai chi, or yoga classes that are offered on-campus (worth 50 Wellpoints for each class). Notate each class you attend on both the class log (if needed) and on your wellpoint tracking sheet (maximum of 300 Wellpoints may be earned for each type of class attended!)

*Program subject to change without notice.

For more information, contact Michelle Puls, Student Life Coordinator, at (941) 752-5607, on the Bradenton campus or Jeff Snyder, Student Life Advisor, at or (941) 408-1523, on the Venice campus.

Good Luck on your journey to personal health and fitness!!

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