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Transfer: Degree-Seeking


Transfer Advisement Guidelines

Applicants are eligible if they meet the  requirements for a first-time-in-college admission student seeking a degree. Applicants also must provide official transcripts (sent directly to SCF) from their high school and each regionally accredited, post-secondary institution previously attended. Hand-carried transcripts cannot be accepted for official transfer evaluations. SCF will determine whether placement scores for English, mathematics and/or reading courses are required.

Upon receipt of all transcripts, Educational Records will prepare a transfer evaluation report and a copy will be mailed to the student. The report identifies course credits accepted and the academic standing with which the student begins at SCF. The transcript evaluation is completed during the first term of degree-seeking enrollment.

Please note: Transcripts submitted will not be evaluated for transfer credit until transcripts from all postsecondary colleges and/or universities attended have been received in Educational Records.

Transfer students are admitted with the academic standing, initial good standing, regardless of grade point average (GPA). If, after the first term, the overall GPA or the College GPA is below 2.0, transfer students are placed on academic warning and subject to the academic standing rules and procedures of the College. Transfer GPAs are included in students' overall GPA requirements for graduation and for graduation honors. 


The following courses are exceptions to the general rule for course equivalencies and may not be transferable. Transferability is at the discretion of SCF.

A. Courses in the 900-999 series (e.g., ART 2905)

B. Internships, practical, clinical experiences and study abroad courses

C. Performance or studio courses in art, dance, theatre and music

D. Skills courses in criminal justice

E. Graduate courses

F.  College preparatory and vocational preparatory courses may not be used to meet degree requirements.



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