QEP Overview

A Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is a major component of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) accreditation review and process. After input was sought from throughout the College community, a decision has been made to make instructional technology the focus topic.

Enhancing the quality of higher education is the Commission on Colleges’ mission, and student learning is a core component of that mission. The QEP presents a unique opportunity to focus on a topic that is crucial to improving the quality of student learning. Part of an institution’s comprehensive planning and evaluation process, the QEP is designed to demonstrate its effectiveness in fulfilling its mission and improving the quality of its programs and services. Goals and evaluation strategies must be clearly linked to improving the quality of student learning.

MCC must show that the College is committed to the QEP through:

  • Broad-based participation in the identification of the topic or issue to be addressed.
  • Careful review of good practices related to the topic;
  • Consensus and support of key constituency groups;
  • Allocation of adequate human and financial resources; and
  • Implementation strategies that include a clear timeline and assignment of responsibilities.

A 23-member planning and effectiveness committee, chaired by Gary Russell, Department Chair, Language and Literature, sought input from faculty, staff, administration and students. Ideas were collected and summarized and four possible topics were identified. They included advising, developmental education, instructional technology and 21st century skills. Reviews by the committee and the Vice President’s Council were conducted. A consensus from constituent groups that included faculty, the Career Employee Council, Faculty Senate and President’s Management Team was sought. Instructional technology emerged as our QEP focus.

Some tasks have been accomplished, but a great deal of work lies ahead. The QEP must be a carefully designed and focused course of action that addresses the chosen topic of instructional technology. Help is needed from all the constituent groups in order to fully satisfy SACS requirements. MCC’s QEP is due no later than September 2004.

For more information about the QEP and how you can help, email Dr. Tom Cleary at clearyt@scf.edu or call 752-5208.

Last Updated 8/27/04