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Graduation Application and Ceremony Checklists

January 23, 2015 - Deadline to be eligible to participate in May 8, 2015 Graduation

Graduation Application (must be submitted by January 23, 2015 for Spring 2015*)

Graduation Attendance Form (must be submitted by April 3, 2015 for Spring 2015)

*Note: Although students may not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony, graduation applications for Spring 2015 will still be accepted after the January 23, 2015 deadline.

Need to change your program before you apply to graduate? 

     Graduation Change of Major Form

Deadlines: Graduation Applications and Ceremony Attendance Forms

Graduation Application for Spring 2015: January 23, 2015
     Graduation Ceremony Attendance Form for Spring 2015: April 3, 2015

Graduation Application for Summer 2015: June 1, 2015
     Graduation Ceremony Attendance Form for Summer 2015: N/A
          (Summer graduates are invited to participate in the Fall Graduation Ceremony)

Graduation Application for Fall 2015: TBA
     Graduation Ceremony Attendance Form for Fall 2015: TBA

Checklist for Graduation Applications 

1. Complete the Graduation Application in its entirety (link is provided above); please make sure you have READ and SIGNED the document before submitting for review.

2. Submit the online Pre-Grad Survey at You do not need to print the confirmation and reapplications are not required to redo the survey.

3. Pay the $20.00 Graduation Fee to Fee Payment either by phone or in person. Reapplications and certificates have no fee.

4. Print and submit the graduation application by the published semester deadline (posted above) to Educational Records after steps 1-3 are completed.

Checklist for Participating in the Graduation Ceremony

1. After you have completed and submitted your Graduation Application by the posted deadline (listed above), check your SCF student email for application status updates (please allow at least 2-3 weeks for processing).

2. Once an email is received, complete the Online Graduation Attendance Form by the posted semester deadline (listed above).

3. Check your SCF Student Email for updates regarding the Outstanding Graduate Award (OGA), Guest Ticket distribution, Regalia, new Graduation and Alumni items available at the SCF Bookstore, and more!

4. Visit and review the Graduation Ceremony Information webpage early and often for information regarding the ceremony!

If you have any questions, please contact the Educational Records Office at:
 (941) 752-5060 or (941) 408-1300, ext. 65060


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