Student Services

Student Development


The Student Development Department engages students in personal growth and learning opportunities through quality, outcome-oriented services and programs.


The Student Development Team is committed to student learning and to the promotion of the college, its' mission and welfare of our communities.

▪ We believe that students are the first priority in all we do.

▪ We believe we all share responsibility for the well-being of students, our team and the college community.

General Information

 Student Development Staff

Lynn Drees Associate Vice President
Trevor Harvey Student Services Advisor
Jammie Jordan Student Services Advisor
Jami O'Connor Student Services Advisor
Brenda Pinkney Student Services Advisor
Rose Fritz Student Services Advisor
Jennifer Meier Student Services Advisor
Mark Menezes Student Services Advisor
Richard Redding Student Services Advisor
Carmen Serrano Student Services Advisor
Heather Shehorn Coordinator, Student Support Services
Denise Turcotte Student Services Advisor
Nancy White Student Services Advisor
Patricia Lakey Coordinator, Disability Resource Center
Angela Powell Disability Resource Center Advisor
Dee Dee Gatch Career Resource Center Director
Michele Groves Career Resource Center Advisor
Delane Solana Career Resource Center Placement Specialist
Laura Thomas Staff Assistant
Kelly Tippy Staff Assistant
Tammy Williamson Staff Assistant
Cheryl Korth Testing Technician
Katharine Mawhinney Testing Technician
Patricia Schaefer Testing Technician
Dennis Anglin Veterans Affairs Advisor
William Graydon Veterans Affairs Advisor
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