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Thank you for visiting the Student Life webpage. You will find many opportunities to become involved in SCF campus life. From competitive academic teams to a wide variety of campus clubs and organizations, there is something for everyone!

SCF is a dynamic College dedicated to meeting the educational and workforce training needs of citizens and businesses in the region. SCF has expanded its mission to include workforce baccalaureate degrees while continuing to focus on highly respected associate degrees that prepare graduates for university transfer and professional careers.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of all SCF has to offer by using the Student Life Staff as a resource for problem-solving and assistance. Staff specializes in a number of areas including Student Activities, Student Organizations, Student Government, Wellness and much more.

Full participation in campus life is considered an integral part of the development of the Student.  The Office of Student Life is committed to that development by providing support networks, creative programs, social activities, leadership opportunities and cultural diversity for the student to grow beyond the classroom.

SCF statement of non-discrimination and equity-related information: Equal Access/Equal Opportunity 

The SCF Student Food Pantry

The SCF Student Food Pantry is intended to assist our students who experiencefood insecurity.  We will not ask guests of The SCF Food Pantry to verify incomeorneed.  We will trust that guests will use the pantry only when they have a needto use the service.  We recognize that some people who use The SCF Food Pantry will have a chronic need for food while others may only have a temporary need that may not be reflected in a financial statement of need.

The SCF Food Pantry is committed to protecting the privacy of its guests and to providing food to those in need within our campus community. We ask that individuals provide their name, G-Number and number in household for the purpose of data collection only. This data will be used to ensure that we provide the best possible services and are able to maintain the necessary supplies to provide this vital service. Use of The SCF Food Pantry will not become part of the individual’s student record nor will your identifying information be shared outside the SCF Food Pantry team.

A bag will be provided for the individual to shop at The SCF Food Pantry. Individuals are encouraged to take enough food to last them for one week.

Who may use The SCF Food Pantry?

The SCF Food Pantry is available to all SCF Students. Student can be referred from any SCF faculty or staff member.

How much do items at The SCF Food Pantry cost?

Nothing!  All items at the SCF Food Pantry are free to our students.

Where is The SCF Food Pantry located?

The SCF Food Pantry is located next to the Cafeteria on the Bradenton Campus. Food is also available on the Venice and Lakewood Ranch Campuses by appointment. Please see contact information below.

What are the operating hours?

The SCF Food Pantry on the Bradenton Campus will be open the following times:

•Mondays from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

•Thursday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Food is available on the Venice and Lakewood Ranch Campuses by appointment. Please see contact information below.

Contact Information:

Bradenton Campus:      Michelle Puls (x65607) or Susanne Walters x65603)

Venice Campus:             Primary Contact: Susanne Walters (x65603)

                                            Back-Up Contact: Jeffery Snyder (x61523)


Lakewood Ranch Campus:         Primary Contact: Susanne Walters (x65603)

                                                            Back-Up Contact: Denise Turcotte (x67279)

                                                            Back-Up Contact: Tammy Williamson (X67199)


Food will be available while supplies last.  It is our mission to always have our pantry stocked.

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