Student Services

Payment & Refund Deadlines for All Spring 2015 Classes

For Students Registering: 

Tuition and Fees Due:

October 20 through January 6, 2015
(This includes balances not covered by Florida Prepaid
and other third party accounts.)
January 6, 2015
On/After January 7, 2015
Day of Registration

Financial Aid Recipients: 

Balance Due: 

Balances not covered by Financial Aid, including
Bright Futures Scholarships
January 9, 2015
If payment in full is not received by the due date, all courses will be dropped from the student's class schedule.

Last day to add/drop with refund deadlines

January 17, 2015 - Full Term (classes that began January 12 - 17)
All Refunds Issued Through Your SCF OneCard Account
Short-term and late-starting courses have published drop-with-refund deadlines in the class schedule and in course comments in SCF web registration.

Payment Deadlines and Reminders for Students with Financial Aid (FinAid)

FinAid includes scholarships (SCF, SCF Foundation, private donor and Bright Futures), grants, and student loans.
January 5 - All institutionally approved grants, loans and scholarships exceeding tuition and fee charges will be available to pay for books and authorized supplies. 
Review your account balance online at SCF Connect by selecting the My Tuition Bill link on the Student Finances Tab.  If you have a credit balance, go directly to The SCF Store at SCF Bradenton or SCF Venice to purchase books and authorized supplies.
January 9Deadline to pay any balances not covered by FinAid, including Bright Futures Scholarships.
January 23 - Last day to use FinAid in The SCF Store.
January 29 - FinAid enrollment census date for the Spring 2015 term.  Total hours registered on this date will be used to establish FinAid eligibility.  All future class registrations after this date will not be eligible for federal FinAid for the Spring 2015 term.
February 6 - All charges due SCF will be deducted from the disbursement of any scholarships, grants, and/or loans for returning borrowers, and any eligible balances will be posted to SCF OneCard accounts.
February 18 - All charges due SCF will be deducted from the disbursement of student loan funds for first time borrowers, and any eligible balances will be posted to SCF OneCard accounts.
March 20 - All charges due SCF will be deducted from the second disbursement of student loan funds for Spring 2015 only loans, and any eligible balances will be posted to SCF OneCard accounts.
Any changes to your schedule may affect the amount of your FinAid award.
Please direct all FinAid questions to the FinAid staff at SCF Bradenton or SCF Venice.
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