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Read why our athletes love playing and studying at SCF!

Incoming and returning 2011 players:

I’m going to be a sophomore and I absolutely love it here :  )     As far as coaches go, couldn't ask for a better and more caring coaching staff.  
I chose SCF because it felt like home. The area is gorgeous and the second I stepped on the court with the girls I felt assured that this was the place I wanna spend the next 2 years at.  Thanks to all the girls for being so welcoming and taking me out to sushi even though I’m the only one that wanted it :  )    I also feel like the team is one big happy family and the coaches are absolutely amazing.  (Jordan Raulerson)
SCF really seems like a school that I will fit right in with! Sorry girls if I blind you with my pale skin, lol :  )  We're going to have to take Nic to the BEACH!  I've never been to Florida and couldn't be more excited.  You guys sound like great girls and I can't wait to meet you all!  I'm a very competitive player and I can't wait to play hard with you ladies!  AH!  I'm just pumped.  (Nicole McDonald)
I chose to go to SCF for many reasons.  The atmosphere is amazing, our team was like a family to me, the coaches were extremely helpful and beneficial!!  Not to mention of course that the school is very well "centrally located"!  There are plenty of places to go shopping, hang out, and of course....  The beaches are nearby!  (Julia Huck)
I love playing here at SCF, the coaches are great, the girls are some of the best friends you could ask for, the classes are good, and SCF is close to the beach.  (Tori Overmyer)
I chose SCF because of the location- it’s not too big- not too small- the beaches are to die for, the awesome success that the team had last season- because I want to be a part of that, & the coaches are the best!!!!  (Danielle Williams)
I chose SCF because I admire the attitude and intensity the program offers.  The coaching staff is caring and has a great deal of knowledge and passion for the sport.  I have never been more excited!!!  (Deidre Noble)
I am so excited for this coming season because I know we have some great recruits that are so talented!  Also, I know all my girls that are returning are amazing players as well!   (Sarah Geraldson)
The Coaches are all very great to work with and I love that they help me in every aspect because I'm looking to be the best of the best!  (Alexis Jones)
I chose SCF because I loved the location (love the beach), it's not too far but not too close to home, and also the success the team had last year.  I am soo excited to get back on court with my new team-mates!!  (Natalie Fraley)
The team and coaches seem very close and friendly.  I feel SCF volleyball program is going to have another great season and that we take it even farther than last year.   I'm excited and super pumped for the season to start!  (Kierston Smith)


2010 Team:

I just love being a part of the State College of Florida's volleyball team. It is such a great program and is so much fun. I have made so many friendships that will last a long, long time and have learned a lot about the game. I love playing beach volleyball, especially with the girls from the SCF team. I love the campus because it is so relaxed and fun and everybody is so welcoming and outgoing. It's just a great atmosphere and I wouldn't think about going anywhere else! 

- Sarah Tickner / OH

Growing up in Venice, FL has definitely spoiled me. I've never been further than 10 minutes from a beach, and for that reason I feel lucky to attend State College of Florida. Everything that is important to me is right here: an education, volleyball, family, friends and of course the amazing Florida beaches. I have yet to complete a season with SCF volleyball, but I have already grown very close to the girls and I know that they will all be life-long friends of mine. I've attended a University previously, and it just doesn't compare to overall environment at SCF. I am truly blessed to be a student-athlete here, and I know I'm exactly where I need to be to successfully start my "real life."

- Natalie Gaudreau / OH

Making the decision to join the volleyball program at State College of Florida in Bradenton, Florida was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The friendships and bonds I've made with my teammates have become something that I will never forget. In addition to my new friendships, I have also found that the instructors at SCF are extremely interested in making their students' success; which in my opinion is a very comforting fact for student-athletes. Lastly, the beaches near SCF are absolutely to die for! Powder sugar-like sand and turquoise blue waters are the norm for people around here. Beach volleyball pick-up games and soaking up the sun with friends, is the usual after class hangout for students at SCF. Being only 45 minutes from Tampa and beautiful beaches only 15 minutes away, there is always something to do in Bradenton. Enrolling at State College of Florida has been such a positive experience for me, and I encourage anyone looking to come here, to do it!

- Lacey Blackman / MB

SCF volleyball has been a great experience! Between the beach, the team, and the schooling, it’s an unbeatable combination. We are so excited for Coach Garofalo for next season and all the exciting things to come!

- Emily Strack / RS & S

I was born and raised in Bradenton, Florida. Therefore I am very excited to play college volleyball in the area. Also, my older sister played volleyball at the former Manatee Community College, now State College of Florida. She had such a great experience playing there that when I had the opportunity to play at the same school, I readily took it. And with such talented players and new staff, I am excited to see where this team will go in the future.

-Sarah Geraldson / S

State College of Florida is my new home! The college, volleyball, and my teammates, of course, are a few of the many reasons why I choose to come here. From the beach volleyball to the classes, SCF is a success. I am looking forward to next season and can't wait to meet new teammates in the fall!

- Eve Lewis / MB

SCF has great programs and is a great place to meet lifelong friends.

- Jamie Goff / OH

SCF is one of the best schools I think. The campus is just the right size, not too big but not to small. The classes are great and can work around volleyball. The class sizes are normal and the people are friendly. All my teachers have been accommodating with volleyball. I live five minutes from the school but the weather is almost always nice here and the beaches are close as well. I would not want to attend school anywhere else, it is so comfortable here.

- Whitney McElhiney / S

The thing that I love most about being an SCF student athlete is the relationships I developed with my team mates. I began the season struggling to learn everyone’s names, and I ended the season with a bunch of new best friends.

-Brittany Wilson / OH

I feel very privileged to be the first and only Canadian on SCF's volleyball team. I chose SCF because I feel that it will be an exciting opportunity to study and play volleyball in a beautiful location. I have always wanted to play volleyball at the post-secondary level and I am very happy with my decision to play for SCF. I am really looking forward to getting to know my new teammates and to becoming more experienced as a beach volleyball player.

- Erin Davidson / OH

Making my decision to go to SCF was not that difficult.  SCF looks like a great college, and I felt very much so at home. Words cannot describe how excited I am to be apart of this team!

- Kayleigh Laderman / DS

Going to and playing at SCF is ideal for me. The location is great, with a campus that is 20 minutes from the beach and a mall 5 minutes the other way. SCF even has a beach volleyball team part of the year. It's a great place to get a higher education.

- Tori Overmyer RS/OH
FORMER PLAYERS - 2009-2010

I really enjoyed my first year at State College of Florida, my team was my family and I loved being with them. We created bonds that will last a lifetime, and I'm so excited to spend another year with these girls. I can't wait for the 2010 season to start since we've all matured as people and players. We have an incredible amount of talent on our team and I can't wait to see what Coach Garofalo does with it. SCF has been an incredible experience for me, and I'm so looking forward to see what next year brings!

- Sarah Sharpin / DS

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