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Student Achievement

Student Achievement Indicators

State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota (SCF) uses six primary indicators for the measurement of student achievement. These six items, listed below, were chosen because they provide feedback on student success along the educational journey at SCF.

  • Average Transfer Student GPA
  • Total 6-Year Graduation Rate (National Student Clearinghouse) 
  • Degrees/Certificates Awarded
  • Course Completions per Attempt
  • Persistence Rate
  • Licensure Exam Passing Rate

From the success rate at the individual course level, persistence from Fall term to Spring Term, to graduation rate and even post-graduation licensure rate SCF carefully monitors student progress.

In addition to these measures, SCF also established a threshold value to ensure that changes in a negative direction are addressed, The threshold for each of these values is set at 95% of the 5 -year rolling average for each category. In addition, action is also taken if a value has a continuous decline over the 5-year period even if the value does not fall below the threshold. The data for the most recent 5-year period are provided below.

2021 Student Achievement Measures

2021 Student Achievement

Disaggregated Graduation Rates

 6-year graduation rate graph

6-year graduation rate by Race/Ethnicity

6-year graduation rate by gender

6-year graduation rate by Pell status

Recent Changes

For the 2020-2021 academic year, SCF has changed the graduation rate that is being reported, from an IPEDS graduation rate to a 6-year National Student Clearinghouse Graduation Rate. The graduation rates provided are for the 6-year period ending during the specified year. The information has also been provided by race/ethnicity, gender, and financial aid status. 

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