Student Spotlight

Congratulations 2016 Music Graduates!

Josh Audet, Undecided
Diane Bedell, Florida Gulf Coast University
Summer Begalka, University of South Florida
Desmond Brown, University of South Florida
Shelton Brown, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Garrett Bryant, University of South Florida 
Emily Champagne, University of Central Florida
Maricel Cumbo, University of Central Florida 
Payton Douthett, University of Central Florida 
Alex Gater, Florida State University
Valorie Gochnauer, Florida State University
David Goodwin, Ringling College of Art & Design
Carlos Guerra, University of Central Florida 
Brandon Guzman, University of Tampa
Taylor Hill, University of South Florida 
Emily Johansen, University of Central Florida 
Richie Johnson, Florida State University 
Courtney Lancaster, University of South Florida
Camden McClean, Florida State University
Ella Melzer, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
Samantha Petty, University of Central Florida
Kelisha Riese, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee
Zulfia Tursonova, New College of Florida
Jose Villalpando, University of North Florida
Jasmine Walker, University of South Florida
Sarah Williams, University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee

Congratulations 2015 Music Graduates!

Natalie Almeter, Undecided
Alex Biancardi, Florida State University
Ryan Brown, Florida State University
Caeli Bryant, Undecided
Madi Crites, University of South Florida
Hannah Eubanks, Disney College Program
Andy Gajdarik, Florida State University
Katelyn Glover, Undecided
Liston Gregory III, University of North Florida
Ashley Hall, University of South Florida
Spenser Hester, University of South Florida
John Hetherington, Berklee College of Music
Rebekah Johns, Liberty University
Grace Keyser, Undecided
Kristofer Kormu, University of South Florida
Kevin Kovecevic, Minnesota Southeast Technical State College
Christopher Leiper, University of South Florida
Aaron Lipp, University of South Florida
Madison Martin, Samford University
Angelica Matsukevich, Undecided
Thomas Brad McDade, University of North Florida
Courtney McDonald, Florida Gulf Coast University
Camden Mclean, University of North Florida
Christopher Medrano, Florida Polytechnic University
Joseph Montgomery, Undecided
Taylor Panico, University of South Florida
Katelyn Priest, Florida State University
Bit Risner, University of North Florida
Medsyre Rochanavihbata, University of North Florida
Benjamin Tilford, Florida State University
Anneliese Tucker, University of North Florida
Jade Turner, University of Tampa
Samantha Underhill, University of Central Florida
AnneMarie Vanderschouw, University of South Florida
Joshua Weitz, Florida State University
Jonathan Williams, Florida Atlantic University

Congratulations 2014 Music Graduates!

Alejandro Naranjo, University of Central Florida
Alexander Zickafoose, University of South Florida
Andrea Medred, Florida Southern College
Camille Hudson, University of North Florida
Dan Carvalho, Florida State University
Dane Platko, Florida Atlantic University
Daniel Glazar, Undecided
Dillon Duggan, University of North Florida
Dylan Courtney, University of Central Florida
Ernie Gonzalez, University of Central Florida
Esther Dickmann, Florida State University
Fernando Vera, University of South Florida
Gabriel Rollano, University of South Florida
Harrison Shulla, University of South Florida
Johana Davila, University of Tampa
Julia Dubsky, Florida State University
Lauren Nielsen, University of Tampa
Leneisha Cenac, University of Central Florida
Molly Stephens, Pensacola Christian College
Molly Williford, University of South Florida
Nephi Solorzano, Cleveland State University
Nicholas Gambardella, School of Audio Engineering, Nashville
Nicholas Russell, University of North Florida
Rachel Xavier, University of Central Florida
Xavier Colon, University of Florida

   Congratulations 2014 FCSAA Music Symposium Student Artists


2014 Music Symposium


Dillon Duggan, Piano
Jonathan Williams, Classical Guitar
Mauro Herrera, Percussion

Honorable Mention

Nicholas Gambardella, Strings
Nicholas Russell, Jazz Guitar 

 Congratulations 2013 Music Graduates!

Alexandra Arroyo-Acevedo, University of South Florida
Ben Bruce, Southeastern University
Colton Cason, Undecided
Samantha Clauson, Florida State University
Christianna D'Amico, Florida Southern University
Johana Davila, University of South Florida
Katherine Decker, University of South Florida
Ryan Douthlett, Undecided
Matthew Kershner, University of South Florida
James Kisacky, Undecided
Cassie Lima, University of Central Florida
Connor Milstead, Florida State University
Janine Palmer, University of South Florida
Martin Rodriguez, University of South Florida
Ryan Sovel, University of South Florida
Stacy Ungeheuer, State University of New York
Fernando Valbuena, University of Central Florida
Jamie Vermeesch, Bay State College

Congratulations to Arthur Brown, Steinway Scholarship recipient. 
Arthur Brown was awarded the Steinway Scholarship for 2013-2014.

 Congratulations to Florida College Systems Activities Association Music Symposium Winners!

Music Symposium Winners

 Daniel Glazar, Viola, James Kisacky, Classical Guitar, Harrison Shulla, Jazz Guitar, and Dylan Courtney, Saxophone 

 Congratulations to Parker Trefz, Florida State Music Teachers Association Competition in Senior Voice winner!

Congratulations 2012 Music Graduates!

          Adam King, Ithaca College
Hudson Taylor, Florida State University
Lisa Termine, University of Tampa
Jessica Tilicky, Stetson University
Jenna Vincitore, University of Central Florida
Ashton Wade, University of South Florida
Daniel Wesson, University of Florida
Sean Smith, Florida Gulf Coast University
Parker Trefz, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Reema Khadre, University of Central Florida
Tyler Folsum, University of South Florida
Nicole Hammer, Florida Gulf Coast University
Nick Montes, University of Central Florida
Hector Zayas, Florida Gulf Coast University
C.J. Pratt, University of South Florida
Damian Doss, Florida International University
Bailey Christie, Florida Gulf Coast University
Jane Martin, University of Central Florida
Sydney Jordan, University of South Florida
Javar Baity, Florida State University 

     Congratulations to Parker Trefz and Josie Fleming, scholarship recipients! 

Congratulations to Parker Trefz and Josie Fleming, recipients of vocal music scholarships from the Sarasota Music Club. They will be performing for the Music Club on Saturday, April 21. Parker is a dual enrolled student from Sarasota Military Academy who received $2,500.
Josie is a dual enrolled student from Booker High School who received $1,500.

Congratulations to Parker Trefz, Manatee Music Teachers Association District Contest in Solo Voice winner!

Parker won the Manatee Music Teachers Association District Contest in Solo Voice and will compete at the state level in May at Hillsborough Community College for scholarship.
 Melodie with Parker

Congratulations to the SCF Music Student Showcase Winners!

State College of Florida, Manatee-Sarasota Music Program held the SCF Music Student Showcase competition on Thursday, March 8, 2012. The following students will be performing in the SCF Music Student Showcase on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 8 p.m. in SCF Neel Performing Arts Center. General admission $8, Florida students and SCF employees $4.

Outstanding Student of Merit
Dylan Courtney, Saxophone
Dan Wesson, Percussion
Michael Carp, Percussion
Jessica Tilicky, Classical Voice
Tyler Bazenas, Music Theatre

Honorable Mention
Fernando Valbuena, Piano
Christianna D'Amico, Voice
Chelsea Dickerson, Voice
Esther Dickmann, Voice
Ethan Howland, Voice 

Congratulations to the TBNATS Winners!

SCF Music Program would like to congratulate the following SCF music students who won awards at the Tampa Bay Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing held at the University of Tampa on February 25, 2012.
Josie Fleming, First Year High School Women, First Place
Lenka Grafova, First/Second Year Adult Women, First Place
Adam King, Second Year College Music Theatre Men, First Place
Beverly Janelli, First/Second Year Adult Women, Second Place
Lisa Termine, Second Year College Music Theatre Women, Second Place
Esther Dickmann, First Year College Women, Third Place
Chrissy D'Amico, Second Year College Women, Third Place

Congratulations to the Winners of the Florida State College Winter Symposium 2012!

SCF Music Program is proud to announce four of our students won top honors in the Artist competition thereby enabling them to perform on the Friday evening concert and winning a $2,000 scholarship to any Florida NASM (National Association of Music) university. There were 10 categories and SCF won in four of the categories!!

The winners are as follows: Connor Milstead, Guitar; Fernando Valbuena, Piano; Colton Cason, Jazz Vocal; Dan Wesson, Percussion.

Seated in top chairs: Reema Khadre as concert mistress for the Orchestra, Ethan Howland was chosen as soloist for the Choir and Chrissy D'Amico won an Honorable Metion in Voice.
The 2012 Music Symposium was held at Florida Atlantic University January 26, 27 and 28, 2012. The SCF Music Program is very proud of these outstanding students and accomplisyhments displayed by our SCF Music Program attendees.

SCF Students Organize 9/11 Memorial

State College of Florida music students organized a 9/11 Memorial at the SCF Performance Pavilion on Friday, September 9th to remember those who lost their lives in the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001. Please click on the link below to view pictures of the event and read the article in Patch, written by Toni Whitt, Editor.
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