Why Online Learning?

Online Learning courses are a great choice for students who have limited ability to take advantage of SCF's traditional on-campus courses at Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, and Venice.   Online courses allow you to take credit courses from home via online learning, whether at work or at home.  You choose the most convenient time and place to learn.

While online courses are flexible,  all SCF support services are available to online students, including microcomputer labs, tutorial centers and the SCF Library. Courses offered through the online learning  program are comparable in quality to traditional courses offered in SCF classrooms, follow the same learning objectives, and require at least as much time to complete as traditional courses.  Online courses may also require some on-campus work, orientation, review sessions and exams, with details specific to each course listed in the notes on the course schedule. Taken together, SCF online learning classes allows for independent, self-paced learning.

What are the Advantages?

Online learning may work for you if you have work or family obligations preventing you from attending classes during traditionally scheduled hours. SCF's online courses earn the same credits as classroom courses. While online courses  require at least as much of your time and attention, and are certainly not easier than traditional courses, an online course may be more convenient for your busy work and personal schedule. The only difference is the delivery of instruction and the degree of self-discipline needed to complete the course, both of which require you to take charge of your learning experience.

If you're signing up for an online or blended course, keep these pointers in mind:

      • Treat online courses with the same amount of dedication and effort that you would devote to a course on campus.
      • Pay close attention to due dates and allow yourself sufficient time to complete your assignments.
      • Create a personal schedule for your participation in your online course- and follow it.  Just like going to a regular class, setting up a regular schedule for working on your online class can keep you on time and on-track.
      • In online courses, participate in course discussions via discussion forums and e-mail.  Your class work will require you to use one or more of these communication tools, and they also help you feel like a member of the class.
      • Take note of areas in which you have questions or need help and actively seek out the answers by communicating with your classmates and instructor.
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